Monday, June 22, 2009

Paul's Nose...

Poor Paul had to go to the emergency room last night because he got his nose cut open during his hockey game. The same exact injury happened to his nose a few years ago but last time they gave him stitches and this time they chose to use some kind of glue. I am sure glad we took our Father's Day pictures before his face looked like this.
*Right after the game*
*After the emergency room patched him up*

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day...

Today was Paul's first Father's Day and it was great. We started off the day by sleeping in and then we took Payson to his first restaurant. He did pretty good, but ended up in the sling by the end of lunch. Then we picked up the Cold Stone cake I ordered and went home to have a slice. Then we all took a nap together... one of our favorite hobbies. Right now Paul is off playing hockey and then I'm sure he will get to bed early for work tomorrow. Please enjoy the TONS of pictures I have posted below.
*Random picture from the other day during tummy time**Paul and Payson at Red Robin for Father's Day*
*Presents for Daddy- an ice cream cake and homemade card*
*My favorite picture from today* *Paul loves Payson's funny faces*
*He doesn't really give kisses yet- he thinks it's my boob*

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Big Smile and Bed Buddies...

I finally got a picture of Payson smiling while he was sleeping. His faces are too funny! Plus, here is a picture from last weekend. These are the two cute boys I get to wake up to every morning. Aren't I lucky???
(sorry it is a bad cell phone pic)

Today Payson was a very good boy. He woke up happy (after almost 8hrs. of sleep) and was hardly fussy at all during the day. He even slept for 2 straight hours in his swing- giving me time to catch up on some housework. Lately, he has been really attached to sleeping in our arms or next to one of us, so my goal is to get him to take naps by himself and then I will work on sleeping by himself at night. I totally gave in on the sleeping thing while I was having all my breastfeeding issues, so now I have a hard habit to break.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Cute Faces and Great News...

We got great news at Payson's doctors appointment today.... over the past week he has gained 9oz!!!! I was so excited that my hard work has payed off and relieved to know that I am not starving my baby.
Ever since he has started smiling in his sleep I have been trying to get a picture. Below are a bunch of pictures of Payson during a nap today. He made too many cute faces!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Too Cute...

Just a quick post before Payson wakes up. Lately he has been making the cutest smiley faces while he sleeps. I know they aren't true smiles, but it gives me a glimpse into the future. I can't wait to hear him giggle too! Here are a few pictures.... I can hear him waking up.
*Taking a nap with the puppies**Our beautiful boy*
*A rare picture of me*
*I love my baby*

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Home Alone...

The past few days I have been home alone with Payson because Paul went back to work on Tuesday. Other than the strict feeding schedule we have him on so he will gain weight, things have gone pretty well. We found out at Payson's doctors appointment on Monday that he had only gained 2oz. in a week, so I had a certified lactation consultant come over to help me figure out how to increase my breast milk supply. So every two hours I am feeding, pumping and then giving supplemental breast milk (from pumping) and a tiny bit of formula to Payson through a syringe (to avoid nipple preference). I am super busy, but at least my day goes by fast. Today I went to my doctor and she said my incision is healing great. I haven't taken any pain medication since last weekend either. Thank God I am a fast healer. I am also super excited to say that after only gaining 18lbs. when I was pregnant.... I have already lost 25lbs. in the past two weeks! Anyway, that is about it with updates so I hope you like the pictures.
*Payson is his car seat at my doctors appt.**His hair looks really red in this picture- but it's not that red in person*
*Daddy playing guitar for Payson.... Can you see him holding his head up?*
*Holding his head up- he has strong muscles*

Saturday, June 6, 2009


The past week was full of so many firsts for Payson. . . first hugs and kisses, first time breast feeding, first car ride, first time meeting Grandpa and both Grandmas, first bath, first poop and explosive diarrhea, first walk around the block, first time on skype, first photo shoot, plus many more.
Finally being at home alone with Payson was weird. It is slowly hitting us that we are parents and we are no long two- but three. Having Paul at home for two weeks has been great, but the time went by too fast. The time we have spent in the past few days bonding as a family has been priceless and I will never forget it. It will be interesting what a whole day by myself will be like. I will consider a day successful if I at least get the chance to take a shower and find time to keep the house somewhat clean. I can't wait until it is safe enough to take Payson out in public because I am getting cabin fever.
Anyway, I am printing out the announcements I designed today. So everyone should receive theirs in the mail this week. Enjoy the pictures.
*First bath from Daddy and no help from Mommy* *First explosive diaper- sorry if this makes anyone sick*

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Things are finally turning around. Payson and I have been working very hard on breastfeeding and something finally clicked. He seems much more satisfied after I feed him and last night he slept for 4hrs. and then 3hrs. in a row! We only had to get up once. Paul and I desperately needed to catch up on our sleep and after last night we feel much better. Paul is so great at supporting me during the night by calming him down and changing him while I get set up to breastfeed. Hopefully everything will continue to go well so we can enjoy our baby.
*Passed out on mommy*

*Just another day for the puppies*

*Meeting his Grandma Sheri*

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