Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Handsome Little Man...

On Monday, I made my first attempt at giving Payson a "buzz" cut. Luckly he was not affraid of the razor but he would barely sit still. After my first couple of cuts I began to wonder if I was making a mistake, so I called Paul at work to warn him that I might have to buzz Payson whole head if his hair came out bad. I actually surprised myself because as I kept cutting I noticed that I was doing a pretty good job...considering the constant wiggle of Payson's head. I guess the good thing is that hair grows back. Anyway, here are pictures of the finished product. Yesterday was yet another round of shots for Payson. He had to complete his series of Flu shots and H1N1 shots. He now weighs 19lbs. 14oz.!! Here are pictures from our photo shoot while waiting for the doctor.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009...

Here are pictures from
Payson's First Christmas!
**Some of the pictures were taken on the video camera while filming,
so they are grainy.**
*Christmas Eve...In his "Santa's Favorite"
pj's for bedtime.*

*Daddy reading Payson "The Night Before Christmas".*

*Christmas morning...checking out the stuff in his stocking.*
*Payson's first look at his "Elmo Ride-On Plane"...priceless.*

*Payson's "My Pal Scout".*
*Opening a present from Grandma Sheri...his walker was an early present from her.*
*Payson's hockey shirt from Auntie Sheridan.*
*Payson and Daddy opening presents.*
*His "Push-n-Ride Car" from
Grandpa Tom & Grandma Dawn.*
*Watching cartoons with Daddy.*

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Learning New Things...

In the past couple of days Payson has mastered feeding himself. It is so funny to watch his brain process grabbing the food and leading it to his mouth. He cracks us up because he always grabs with his right hand and then uses his left hand to get things in the right position for his mouth. He learns things so quickly. We can't believe how fast he is growing up.
*Big smiles with food in his mouth.**Video of Payson feeding himself.*

Yesterday his walker arrived and I put it together right away. I can't believe how fast he caught on to moving around in it. Now we have to do a little baby proofing!
*Video of Payson in his walker.*

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bath Time...

I'm sure many of you can barely keep up with my blogs lately... This is what happens when I get snowed in. Here are some pictures from Payson during bath time tonight.
This is a video of Paul making Payson laugh. Paul was pretending to shot Payson with a gun and he thought it was really funny.

Digging Out...

This morning all the men of our neighborhood were outside shoveling snow, ...including Paul.
Here are pictures of the aftermath...
*Paul trying to figure out where to start.*
*He decided to drive to the end of the
street to clear of the truck.*

*Throwing snow on me because he didn't want his picture taken.**Our other car that we keep parked at the end of the street.*

*Our street. (Paul is at the very end)*

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snowed In 2009...

Today we had a record setting snow storm here in Virginia. If I had to guess, we have received between 1-2ft. of snow since last night and it is going to keep snowing until early tomorrow morning. I heard that
this storm ranks in the top 10 for
December snow storms.
Today we were supposed to host a Christmas party at our home for Paul's co-workers but due to the storm hardly anyone could come so we canceled. We decided instead to hang out with our neighbors, Dave & Angelie, who are expecting a baby in a month or so. The day was spent making a Cowboy-spaghetti lunch and playing guitar hero.
*Snow piled up at my front door this morning.* Below is a series of pictures showing the accumulation of snow on our truck.
*Last night after the snow began.*
*This morning around 9am.* *This evening around 5pm.*
*Paul and Dave playing guitar hero.*
*Dave & Angelie's snow tracks after
they left our house.*
*A view of the snow accumulation on our truck from the second floor. The bed of the truck is full of snow!*
*A view of our street from the second floor.*
On a side note.... I couldn't blog without posting a picture of Payson. Here he is eating a special baby cookie. I remember my sister eating them as a baby so I gave them
a try. He really liked them, but
they made a huge mess.
*They melt in his mouth.. making it
safe for Payson to eat.*

Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Tea Party...

On Wednesday, my midwife hosted a Christmas Tea Party for all of her past and current clients. It was fun to get Payson all dressed up in his Christmas outfit and spend time with other women that have a similar outlook on birthing. There was a photographer there and he got some great shots of Me and Payson. Finally good pictures of ME! (No offense to my husband)
*My Favorite Picture.*