Monday, December 20, 2010

Wendorff Family Christmas Card 2010

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Town...

This weekend we went down to Williamsburg for Christmas Town at Busch Gardens. We spent the day with our friends, Ben and Brittany, and their babies, Hallie and Kyle. Although it was freezing and raining, we had a great time going on rides, eating and admiring all the Christmas decorations. Because of the rain, I didn't take many pictures. Please enjoy the few I took...

*Me and the LOVE OF MY LIFE!*
*The boys all bundled up.*
*Our Family after the
Sesame Street Christmas Show.*
*Payson and Hallie on a ride.*

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Santa Claus...

Last Friday, I took the boys into D.C. for a Christmas party at Paul's work. All of his co-workers enjoyed finally getting to meet Beckett and to see how big Payson has gotten. Payson was seemed to look forward to meeting Santa, but as soon as he came in the room I could tell he was afraid of him. When it was time for pictures on Santa's lap, Payson screamed and Beckett just sat there, wondering what was the matter with Payson. Either way, I'm glad I took the boys
to see Paul at work.

*Payson sitting at Daddy's desk.*
*Payson looking at Santa
after he entered the room.*
*Sitting with Santa.*

*Finally settling down.*
*Mr. Beckett and Santa.*

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanksgiving, Our Big Announcement & 18 Months...

This year we spent Thanksgiving at home with my Mom visiting from California. Everything we ate wasn't made from scratch, but it tasted good. On Thanksgiving we also announced that Paul and I are expecting Baby #3!!! My due date is July 19th, 2011 and we are very excited. While everyone we know hopes this baby to be a girl, Paul is already sure it's another boy. I don't care either way. My Mom and I went shopping with all the crazy people on Thanksgiving night, while Paul took care of sleeping babies. It felt very weird to go out with out my boys. We stood in line at ToysRUs for an hour before we even got in the store and then stood in line for over an hour to make our purchases. Next we went to Walmart, which we expected to be even crazier than ToyRUS, but it was actually not that bad. We were in and out with tons of stuff in only one hour.
On Monday, Payson had his 18 month check-up and he still weighs 28lbs. but is now 32 inches long. Beckett saw the doctor for his 7 month shots. He is now 17lbs. 4oz. and is 28.25 inches long. Payson must be at the age where he remembers what happens at the doctor, because he was screaming before he even got his shots. It was not fun trying to hold him down.
I've been very behind on blogging and getting my Christmas cards designed. So I hope you enjoy my blogs when I get a chance to write them.

*It's POSITIVE!!!*
*My first ultrasound to
figure out my due date.*
*Crazy Payson at
his 18 month check-up.*
*Payson is very excited
that I gave him a sucker
(only to help him sit still).*
*Beckett is wondering
where his sucker is?*
*"Seriously Mom, where's
my sucker?"-Beckett.*
*Payson finally sharing
his sucker. How nice.*
*What a good big brother...*
*Grandma Sheri and the boys
before she went home.*

*Payson enjoying his
new ride from
Grandma Sheri.*
*Daddy and Beckett.*
*Beckett out to lunch.*
*Payson eating his first
corn on the cob.*

*Payson decorating our tree
with peepee teepee's.*
Most people are going to think this picture is gross, but I think it is funny. Payson pooped on his bedroom floor last night after his bath. I guess we let him run around naked a little too long. I had to take a picture.
It's just poop people!
*My sweet baby boy
holding his bottle.*