Monday, December 31, 2012

December Festivities...

Hello Everyone. I am so behind on blogging that I don't even know where to begin. While blogging is usually one of my favorite things to do in my spare time, the exhaustion of the first trimester of my pregnancy has really taken its toll on me. Taking care of three small children and being pregnant is no joke. Luckily, I have been able to talk Payson into taking naps every now and then so I can have one too;  And on the days he doesn't nap, he happily watches a movie next to me while I nap in bed. Tomorrow I will be 12 weeks along, and other than the tiredness and sore tummy from my incision beginning to stretch, I don't have any other pregnancy symptoms. 

The month of December was very busy for us, so I will start where I left off...

Elf on the Shelf
This year we introduced Eddie the Elf into our house, and he proved to be a great way to remind the kids to "be good". And as much as I am looking forward to Eddie coming back next year, as Christmas approached, it was getting harder and harder to find new places for Eddie to appear each morning. 
My favorite Elf on the shelf discovery. 

The boys thought it was super cool to eat candy for breakfast.
 Santa 2012
Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus made their annual appearance at playgroup, and this year I decided to keep Payson out of school that day because it would make it much easier for all three kids to see him at once. 

Grandpa Tom & Grandma Dawn's Visit
The week before Christmas, Paul's parents traveled from Ohio to spend some time with us and see our new house. While they were here, we picked one day to celebrate our Christmas with them, and the kids woke up to presents under the tree. On another day, we traveled to Whiteface Mountain and rode a gondola to the top. Tom and Dawn got to see the boys skate and where Payson goes to school. 
"Christmas" morning. 
A Robin action figure. Just what he wanted.
Playing with his new Batman.

One of Irelyn's new dolls. 
Decorating sugar cone Christmas trees. 

Saying "cheese"!!!

We've decided that in this picture Beckett is
praying to the sugar gods. Lol. 
This picture does not do the top of Whiteface justice. It was HIGH!!!

The peak of Whiteface.
Looking down on Lake Placid. So beautiful!!!

Observation deck.

Beckett has an obsession with eating snow.

Payson throwing snowballs at Paul.

Grandma Sheri's Visit
Just two days after Paul's parents left, my mom traveled from California to spend the week of Christmas with us. This was my mom's first time getting to spend Christmas with my kids since they were born, so it was probably pretty special for her. The week was pretty uneventful, as far as activities, but mother nature was nice enough to send a huge storm our way. We ended up getting about 18 inches of snow, and Paul got to try out his new snow blower which was a great gift from his parents. No matter what we did or didn't do, I know my mom had a good time with her grandbabies. 

All set up and ready to go for Christmas morning.

What the kids saw as they ran out Christmas morning. 
Here they come!!!
Irelyn headed straight for her stroller from Santa. 

Checking out her doll from Grandma Sheri. 
Opening their big gift from Grandma Sheri.
An art easel. 
Snow in our backyard. 
Paul using the snow blower. 
Phoenix and Luna LOVED all the snow. 
Grandma Sheri and the kids.
Fun in the Snow