Saturday, January 29, 2011

So Behind...

It's been awhile since I have blogged and I don't know why. I'm assuming that it is my lack of energy due to being pregnant, plus I rarely turn on my computer now that I have an iPod touch. I am almost 16 weeks along now and we are getting very excited to find out the gender. We should find out next week, but we are going to keep it a secret until we figure out a cute way to tell our parents first. We've had the same girl name picked out since I was pregnant with Payson and we FINALLY decided on a boys name two days ago. Finding a name that is different, but not weird, is getting harder and harder for us. We are really looking forward to announcing the gender and name to everyone.
This past week was not fun because Payson has had some kind of stomach virus. He only threw up a few times, but his diarrhea had given me lots of diaper and outfits changes. The only up side to a sick kid is how cuddly they are.
In the past couple of weeks, Payson's vocabulary has EXPLODED! It seemed to come out of nowhere. He is learning a few new words a day. He even says words that neither of us have taught him. His memory for recent events has also kicked in. Which means, I have to mean what I say now because he holds me to it. He is learning his colors and how to count too! We have also decided to enroll him in a toddler/parent gymnastics class that starts in the Spring. We picked the Saturday morning class, so we could take turns going with him. I am so excited he is finally old enough for these kind of things.
Big things are happening for Beckett too. Yesterday he went for his 9 month check-up, got two shots and didn't cry at all. He is now 19lbs. 11oz and 29.25 inches long. After being able to army-crawl for over a month now, he has finally started to crawl on his knees a little and start to pull up on things. A few weeks ago he said "Da-Da" for the first time and last week he stared saying "Ma-Ma". His top two teeth finally broke through and, thanks to his teething necklace, he is still sleeping through the night.
Well, I think that is all for now. I hope everyone is doing good. Enjoy the recent pictures.

*Payson & Beckett playing.*
*Riding a car at Kiddie Time.*
*Standing up to "honk" the horn.*
(Video posted below- so funny.*
*Checking out the view.*
*Smiling on command now...*
*Wearing his hockey/bike helmet.*
*My sick baby.*
*Beckett's unique way of "honking" the car horn.*
(Sorry-you have to turn your head sidewards.)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

For those of you who don't get to see our boys very often, I just wanted to share some things about them. We love the good things and bad things, because they are our boys. I could probably go on forever, but here are the things that stand out about them.

He loves to SCREAM!
He has the most annoying baby cry ever.
He loves to copy his big brother.
He has fun running around in his walker.
He is army-crawling all over the place.
He loves to sleep on his stomach.
His top front teeth are coming in.
He gets very cranky when he’s hungry.
He can eat and eat and eat.
He is saying “da-da”.
He can drink out of sippy cups already.
He loves to laugh and squeal.
He has the best smile ever.
He does not care for baby food at all.
He can feed himself and take bites.
He sleeps through the night.
He is a Momma’s boy.

He gets excited when Daddy gets home.
He loves his little brother.
He can go up and down the stairs by himself.
He loves to run around naked.
He can open doors and turn lights on and off.
He throws things and hits us when he's mad.
He LOVES Signing Time videos.
He uses many signs on a daily basis.
He knows at least 25 or 30 signs.
He goes in time-out when he is in trouble.
He stays in time-out wherever I put him.
He says “uh-huh” to almost every question.
He LOVES trains.
He says “choo-choo” while he plays with is trains.
He sleeps in a big boy bed.
He points to my belly, says “baby” and kisses it.
He likes to dip his food in ketchup.
He has a bad temper.
He says “two!” anytime he is holding two of something.
He likes being funny.
He knows how to kiss the right way.
He like to say "hi" to random people.
He loves to wrestle with his Daddy.
He learns something new everyday.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas 2010...

This year we spent Christmas in Ohio with Paul's family. It was nice to spend time with everyone under the same roof, because you never know when everyone will be able to get together again. Paul got to catch up with his high school buddies, that he hasn't seen in many years. Paul and I took the boys to have lunch with my Aunt Debra, who lost touch with our family many years ago. It turns out that she lives only 10 minutes from Paul's parents. What a small world! The boys also had fun playing with their cousin, Cara.

*Me and my Aunt Debra.*
*Paul with Toby, Lance and Sean.*
*Reading "The Night Before Christmas".*
*My boys on Christmas Eve.*
*Opening presents on Christmas morning.*
*So excited to get an Elmo
doll from Santa.*
*Beckett's first present ever!*
*Playing with his new cars.*
*A helicopter from Grandma Dawn
and Grandpa Tom.*
*Cousin Cara very excited that we
got her Tinker Bell stuff.*
*Playing blocks with Grandpa Tom.*
*At the COSI Museum. Watching
rat basketball.*

*Playing in the water!*
*Payson and Cara.*
*Even Beckett got to play
in the water.*
*Giving the boys our presents,
once we got back home.*
*Payson LOVES trains.*
*Mr. Potato Head.*
*Bouncy balls.*