Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Recent Pictures...

Just wanted to post pictures
that I've taken since my last blog...

*Mr. Beckett all dressed for
lunch with Grandpa Bryan.*
*Isn't he handsome??*
*Beckett wearing his tie onesie,
made by Brittany.*

*Payson in his tie onesie.
Didn't get any good pictures.
He was in a "mood".*
*I love his new tennis shoes.
He loves to walk in them.*
*Snuggling on the couch.
Payson wasn't feeling good.*
*Eating at his picnic table from Grandma Sheri.*
*Payson and Hallie having a pizza party.*
*Paul squeezed in the back of our truck
when we picked up Grandpa Bryan for lunch.*
*Singing Happy Birthday to Grandpa Bryan.*
*They made him kiss the moose!*

Monday, August 23, 2010

4 Months And 15 Months...

The boys got their scheduled check-ups and shots today. Payson weighed 26lbs. 5.5oz(90%) and is 31.5 inches(75%) long. Beckett weighed 14lbs. 4.5oz.(50%) and is 25.75 inches(90%) long. On Sunday, I started giving Beckett oatmeal once a day before he goes to bed, so I am expecting him to bulk up like Payson did when he went on solids. We are taking it slow though, no fruits or veggies until he is at least 5-6 months old because I want breastfeeding to continue to go well. Payson is walking all over the place and is starting to climb up the stairs when the gates are open. I bought him a spider man backpack, which he loves to wear around while he walks.
We are taking an unexpected trip to California next month. Paul's work is sending him to San Diego for another week of training, so this time we decided to go along to see all my California friends and family. My brother and his family haven't met Beckett yet. They are super excited. It will be interesting traveling on a plane with two babies, but I'd rather go on a long plane ride than a long car ride any day. You don't have to stop a plane to feed or take care of a baby. I am looking forward to blogging about our California trip.
*Going up the stairs with his backpack, of course.*

*Walking at the zoo.*

*Beckett at the zoo.*

*Tummy Time!*

*This is how Beckett loves to eat-
with his blanky over his face.*
*Yummy oatmeal.*
*Payson pulling Beckett in for a kiss.*
*Payson sneaking in for an attack.*
*Notice the backpack!*

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Jumper Flashback...

Hi Everyone! Everything here in D.C. is great. We are enjoying the end of summer and we are so happy to have Paul home from his trip. Beckett is getting bigger and bigger by the second. He already fits into 6 month size pajamas and pants because he is so long. He is becoming more aware of his surroundings everyday. He has also found his voice. He loves to squeal and scream when he gets excited. Ever since Payson turned one, it seems like he learns something new everyday. He loves using drinking straws now and always wants a sip of what Mommy or Daddy is drinking. He is officially walking and gets so proud of himself when he walks across the room. He seems to be interested in sign language again. Up until last week, he would only sign "dog", but now he knows "finished", "frog" and "milk". He can also point to his ears, hair, nose, and belly button. I am currently working on a few projects to help teach him his colors, shapes and foods. Enjoy the recent pictures and videos below.

*Mr. Beckett- I can't get over
what a happy baby he is!*
*This is Payson in his jumper at 4+ months.*
*Beckett already enjoying the jumper at 3+months.*
*Payson loves to help entertain
Beckett while I get things done.*

Monday, August 2, 2010

While Daddy's Away...

As many of you know, Paul left last Monday for 11 days of training in Charleston, S.C.. Over the past 8 days, I've gained a new found respect for single moms. I've been on my own with the boys before, but never longer than 2-3 days. Luckily, Beckett is a very easy baby and both boys seem to take naps at the same time, giving me an opportunity to catch up on cleaning or to just rest. I also have a new found respect for how much Paul helps around the house. We are definitely a team when it comes to running our family.
My first day without Paul started out with sirens....literally. While I was cleaning our stove,it started shaking and the lighters for each burner started sparking. I started freaking out and wondering if the cleaner I was using was flammable. I initially looked across the street to see if my firefighter neighbor was home, but he wasn't. So I decided to call 911 because I was so afraid my stove was going to blow my house up. They told me go outside with both boys and wait for the fire department. So I ran upstairs and grabbed Payson out of his crib, where he was sound asleep, and then grabbed Beckett off the couch, where he was also sound asleep. Once the fire department arrived, all the neighbors came out to see what was going on and if we were ok. It turns out that I caused the lighters for the burners to short out because I got them too wet. I'm glad I called 911....better safe than sorry. The power was turned off to my stove and microwave until they dried out. That night we went to Taco Bell for dinner. Not an easy trip to make with two babies.
The rest of our time without Paul has gone much smoother. Last Tuesday, we went to the Fairfax Corner Fountain with my friend, Brittany, her mother-in-law and her two babies. Payson was a little young to fully enjoy it, but we were just glad to get out and cool off in the heat. Plus, Payson hated getting wet in the COLD fountain. Wednesday we went to Red Robin with my friend, Sarah, and her kids. I love every time we get a chance to see each other now that she lives in Maryland. Sunday night, Brittany had us over for an awesome meatloaf dinner. Payson loves playing with Hallie's toys, but I'm sure Paul would be embarrassed to know that he ends up playing with her baby dolls and princess wand. And today, we went to lunch with my friend, Julie, and her son, Lucas. We ate at Olive Garden and it was yummy!
I just want to say thank you to all my friends and neighbors for keeping me busy and offering their help to me. I only have 3 more days alone until Paul gets home and we can't wait to see him. Enjoy the few pictures I've managed to take while Paul has been away.

*Payson-hating the cold water.*
*I placed Payson right over the fountain.
I'm a mean Mommy.*
*Trying to walk.*

*So much happier away from the water.*
*Payson playing his drum.
A gift from Auntie Sheridan.*
*Beckett is in the background enjoying the show.
He watches everything Payson does.*
*Lucas and Payson after lunch at Olive Garden.
Both of them too interested in the rocks
to take a good picture.
*Mr. Beckett. Taking a good nap for Mommy.
His eyelashes are getting long like Payson's.*