Sunday, February 20, 2011

What's Happening...

The weather is finally starting to warm up enough to have play dates outside and we love it. On Thursday, we met up with Brittany and her kids to play at this great playground. They had a tire swing, which Payson loved, and great slides that Payson is no longer afraid to go down. Being at the park showed me that there are definite personality differences in my two boys. Every time Payson got dirt on his hands he would turn to me and say "dirty". I would tell him to wipe them on this pants and off he'd go. And then there's Beckett, who tried to scoop up and eat the dirt every chance he got.
On Saturday, we decided to go to the National Aquarium in Baltimore. Both Payson and Beckett loved looking at the fish, turtles and sharks in their tanks. We also went to a dolphin show that we all enjoyed. We were lucky enough to have someone give us their tickets to the 4D Dora the Explorer movie. Payson freaked out every time water or air was shot at us, but overall enjoyed the experience. Beckett, who woke up just in time for the show, didn't care about the water or air at all. Another obvious difference in my boys. The aquarium doesn't allow strollers, so it was definitely a different experience carrying the boys and letting Payson hold our hands. It was a lot of work, but they did great.
Here are some pictures to catch everyone up...

*Payson sitting in a booster
seat for the first time.*
*He did really well sitting
next to Mommy.*
*Enjoying his quad
in the warm weather.*
*On the tire swing.*
*Payson and Hallie having fun.*

*Mr. Beckett at the aquarium.*
*Beckett passed out
in the sling.*
*Daddy and Payson in line
for the 4D show.*
*Payson enjoying a snack.*
*Cupcakes and chocolate covered
strawberries that I made
for Paul on Valentine's Day.*

Here are a couple videos of the baby lions at our zoo that I never got a chance to post. They are too cute!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

It's A...

and her name is....

*Irelyn's first picture*