Sunday, February 28, 2010

Our 2nd Wedding Anniversary...

Today we celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary by going out for a family lunch. We have decided to just keep it simple for our anniversary during the years that Leap Day doesn't exist. Even though we agreed on not exchanging presents, Paul surprised me with a sewing machine that I have been wanting. I am super excited to start a new hobby.
*At lunch...Payson 9 months and me
almost 32 weeks pregnant.*
* belly isn't lumpy. I have on
my belly support thing.*

Friday, February 19, 2010

Ready for Beckett...

With only 67 days until my due date, I thought I would post a new belly picture and update everyone on our preparations for Beckett's birth. As everyone knows, we are planning a home birth and cannot be more excited. I am now seeing my midwives every two weeks, and they say things are going great. There is something so natural about having my prenatal appointments in my own home. I am taking multiple supplements to be extra healthy, and I feel pretty good considering I am huge and taking care of Payson. Beckett moves constantly and already seems to have such a different personality than Payson. He loves to kick at Payson while Payson is sitting on top of my belly. It makes me laugh every time. Before we know it, Beckett will be here, and we won't even remember what life was like before him.

After going through one pregnancy, I definitely learned what items are a must while pregnant, and a good pregnancy pillow is a must. This pillow was recommended to me by a friend, and now, I tell everyone about it. It is totally worth the money, and I will probably use it long after my pregnancy is over. Even Paul loves it and tries to steal it from me.
This is the water birth pool that we purchased. We looked into renting one, but, considering that we are going to have more babies, it was a better investment just to buy one. I am so excited about getting to labor and possibly give birth in the water. Paul said he might even get in the tub with me!!!
This product is called "my brest friend". Even though we already own two Boppy pillows, I believe this pillow is better for breastfeeding younger babies. It is supposed to give great back support too. I think Paul is most excited about the little pocket in the front.
This is the double stroller that we decided to purchase. Another product I am really excited about because it is compatible with our car seat and because the seats can be moved to face either direction.
I know this blog is about Beckett but I couldn't help posting a few recent pictures of Payson.

*My happy boy this afternoon after his lunch.*

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day...

Today was our first Valentine's Day as parents and I was so excited when I woke up. With our living room decorated with balloons, we exchanged gifts. Paul and I got Payson a cute stuffed puppy that says "I Love You". Then Paul and I exchanged cards and he surprised me by giving giving chocolates too, something I was not expecting because our anniversary is at the end of this month. Finally, Paul scored major points by "helping" Payson give me a card and a stuffed ladybug.
Below are some of my favorite pictures and a couple of videos from today.
*Giving Mommy favorite!*

*His eyes are too awesome.*
*Wearing his hat made by Grandma Dawn.*
*Melts my heart. What a good Daddy.*
*I had Paul take this picture because all of the sudden I was looking down at my belly and baby boy and I wanted to remember this view forever.*

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2009 Wendorff Scrapbook...

I finally received my scrapbook that I digitally designed. I think it came out great. I am so happy that I can create something that will capture our family memories forever.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow Storm 2010...

Today we are digging out from yet another HUGE snow storm. This is definitely the most snow I have ever seen in my whole life, but this Cali girl can get used to it. It snowed for almost 30 hours straight and left more that 2 feet of snow on the ground. Just north of us, Washington DC and Maryland had blizzard conditions and received over 30 inches of snow. It was nice to spend the whole day together but I think we are getting cabin fever. Hopefully on Monday the roads will be in good enough condition for Paul to get to work and for me to go to the chiropractor and a play date.
Enjoy the pictures!!!
*Paul beginning to dig us out.*

*Our street...the trucks had already plowed
once early this morning.*
*Taking Payson outside for some fresh air.*
*My cute hubby and my adorable baby.*

*Right before we went inside I sat Payson down and he sunk into the snow. He loved it.*
*This morning...eating snow.*

*A video of Payson getting a bowl of snow.*

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Here are some recent pictures of Payson...

*In the bath...I love his eyes.*
*This face is too cute.*

*He LOVES to look at himself in the mirror.*
*Payson's first toothy smile on camera.*
*So excited about his new puzzle
from Auntie Sheridan.*

*Talking to Daddy on speaker phone.*
*Drinking from his Ohio State bottle.*