Saturday, July 21, 2012

Beach Day with Daddy...

Yesterday, we spent the day at Cadyville Beach and this time Paul was able to come with us. We were the first ones there, so we had the beach all to ourselves for a while. It always seems to take the boys, at least, an hour to fully feel comfortable in the water. Once they do, they walk out in the water until it reaches their neck. This always scares me, even though their are lifeguards there. This time I had them wear their float suits, just in case Paul or I wasn't within arms reach if they went under water. It ended up being a really nice day and the kids (and Paul) took a three hour nap when we got home.

Beckett kept asking this little boy
if he was ok every time he came
up from swimming under water. 

Cute father-son moment, minus the
fact that Payson is picking his nose.
Boys are so gross!

Our three babies playing on the beach.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Batman Party...

On Saturday, the boys got invited to a Batman themed birthday for their friend, Caleb. I found awesome superhero shirts at Target and bought them for the boys to wear to the party. Payson really had no idea who Batman or Superman was, so I showed him some youtube videos and now he thinks they are pretty cool. We all had lots of fun at the party and all three kids passed out on the way home.

The birthday boy, Caleb.

Irelyn spending some time
with my friend, Darcie.
Payson's first time hitting a pinata. 

Irelyn and my friend that lives around the corner, Jen.

Batman and Superman passed out.

One Year Photo Shoot...

My friend, Lisa, offered to take pictures of Irelyn for her first birthday and I happily accepted. Thankfully, my computer decided to work today so I could edit them and share them with you.
(click on pictures to enlarge)