Saturday, November 28, 2009

First Thanksgiving...

Payson's first Thanksgiving was spent with Paul's family in Ohio. His Dad's birthday was also the day before and it was nice to spend that day with him. All of Paul's extended family enjoyed meeting Payson for the first time. Everyone was surprised when we announced that baby #2 was going to be a boy by having Paul's Dad cut into a cake that was BLUE in the middle. At the same time we were on skype with my family in California so they could be apart of the big event. Everyone liked the new baby's name...Beckett Edward. Paul and I both have a Grandpa named Edward, so it just seemed right. We are very excited to be having another boy. We hope he looks just like Payson.
*Our Family Thanksgiving Picture*
*I loved his Thanksgiving outfit.*
*Me and Payson on Thanksgiving.
I am so thankful for my baby boy.*

*Payson and Grandma Dawn playing together.*
*Payson and Grandpa Tom watching football.*
*Payson and Daddy on Thanksgiving.*
*Grandpa, Paul and Payson at the park.*
*Payson's first time on a swing.*
*6 months old. I can't get over those eyes!*

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Who Wants To Know???

On Tuesday we secretly went for an ultrasound to find out the gender of baby #2. We announced that Payson was a boy on Christmas, so we wanted to make the announcement for baby #2 just as special.
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

We are very excited to say...

Friday, November 20, 2009


The past week has been all about getting back into to swing of things. Going to California caused a small set back with Payson sleeping well in his crib. Now that everything is back to normal we have to prepare to visit Paul's family in Ohio for Thanksgiving. I can't believe that Payson will be 6 months old next Friday. Where has the time went? And before we know it... Baby #2 will be here!
This week we've started introducing new foods to Payson and he loves all of them. I have been making all of his food myself and I really enjoy it. So far, I have made butternut squash, peas, carrots, green beans, peaches and apple sauce. It is much easier than people think to make baby food and will save us a lot of money in the long run.
Payson seems to change and move on to new things everyday. Since he has been sitting up pretty good lately, I felt that it was time to try bath time in the big bath tub. Here are some pictures from this week.
*Payson's last bath in his baby tub* *Trying to eat his toes*
*Sucking on the duckie like a pacifier*From time to time I like to surprise Paul at work for lunch. I wait in the food court near the elevators and wait for him to come down with his co-workers. I always wonder if he will be glad or embarrassed to see me. Of course he is always excited to see us waiting for him...probably more excited to see Payson. Payson has become such a Daddy's boy lately and I LOVE it. I melt everytime Payson plays with Paul. He loves to study everything Paul does.
*Paul and favorite guys.*After we have lunch together I usually go up to Paul's office to say hi to all of his friends. They love to see how much Payson has grown. I finally remembered to take a picture of Paul's cubicle while I was there on Wednesday. I love how he has so many pictures of Payson all over his walls.
*Paul's cubicle*
These are pictues of Payson's first bath in the big tub. He did pretty well, but still needs a little help sitting up. Finally, I laid him down in the shallow water and he really enjoyed laying there and splashing around but I think he was most excited to see all the new bath toys to play with.

Friday, November 13, 2009

First Plane Ride, Great Grandma's & More...

Our trip to California began with Payson's first plane ride. It was a non-stop 5 hour ride and Payson did great. We got lucky enough to have all three seats to ourselves so we had plenty of room for Payson to play,
eat and sleep.
*Me and Payson on the plane**Paul and Payson on the plane*
After we landed we headed to Uncle Daniel and Auntie Ann's house to meet our new niece, Alexis. We were also greeted by Payson's Auntie Jenn and Cousin Haley who came over to meet our new baby's. Then we took Payson to his very first Phoenix Coyotes hockey game. This made for a VERY long day because of the time change.
*Payson and Daddy during warm ups. Payson got his very first puck thrown to him from a player.*

*All of us holding our sign*

*Payson playing with his puck*

The next day we drove 100 miles to visit Payson's Grandma Sheri. She hasn't seen him since he was a week old. She was very excited to spend time with us in her new house and make me my favorite dinner... Swedish meatballs with rice. Yummy!
*Payson & Grandma Sheri. She was so
excited to see him*

*Payson & Ex/Step Grandpa Bryan.
It's a long story....*

*Payson & Brian. Auntie Sheridan's boyfriend.*

This was the day before Paul's birthday so my Mom's friend made him a cake.

The next day we woke up very early to drive over 400 miles to Napa, California. We were on our way to meet up with the rest of my family so they could meet Payson and Alexis.
*Payson playing in his suitcase at the hotel*

*Payson meeting his GREAT GREAT Grandma Sue.*
*Great Great Grandma Sue with Payson & Alexis*
*Payson meeting his Great Grandma Barbara.*
*Our FIVE GENERATION picture.*

The next day we drove over 400 miles again back to Daniel and Ann's house near Los Angeles. Overall Payson did AWESOME in the car. We couldn't have asked for a better baby during our trip.
*Payson and Alexis giving me a taste of what taking care of two babies will be like*
*Paul & Payson with his hair spiked up.*
*It looked so cute!*
*These are just a few of the pictures from our trip. To see them all go to: