Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Last Weekend...

Last weekend was full of fun. On Saturday, we went to watch the up-and-coming hockey players for the Washington Capitals play a scrimmage game. There were many more people there than we expected, but we were still lucky enough to get a good spot to watch the game. On Sunday, we attended a 1st birthday party for Payson's friend, Lucas. It was an "under the sea" theme and it turned out great. We met Lucas' parents, Steve & Julie, in our Bradley class and it had been fun watching our boys grow over the past year.

*Daddy and Payson at the hockey game.*
*Payson in the back of Daddy's truck.
A great play-pen when while I had to
breastfeed in the parking garage.*
*The birthday boy, Lucas!*
*Julie, Lucas and Steve.*
*The awesome cake made by Julie.*

*Playing in the pool at the party.*
*Getting sprayed off because
they were covered in cake.*

*Mr. Beckett- my happy boy!*
*Beckett in his BBD onesie.
A gift we received from our
midwife after he was born.*

Friday, July 16, 2010

So Many Pictures, So Little Time...

To date, I have 796 pictures of Payson, 110 pictures of Beckett and 75 pictures of Payson & Beckett together! And these are only the pictures that I thought were good enough to edit and save. I have probably taken three times as many as I have saved. I love taking pictures and I hope that one day everyone appreciates my effort to capture our memories.
Please enjoy pictures
from the last week or so...

*Beckett Edward...12 weeks old.*

*He is such a happy boy!*

Yesterday, I put Beckett in bed with Payson after his nap and he loved it. He thought it was so cool to snuggle with his little brother.

*Payson with Grandma Dawn and Grandpa Tom
at the National Zoo.*
*With Daddy at the Zoo.*
*Payson on his new slide. I had to buy it...
it was too good of a deal!*

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dollar Movie Day...

This summer our local theater has a dollar kids movie every Tuesday morning. I only decided to go because if it was a disaster with two babies, I only wasted one dollar (kids 2 and under were free). Payson has never even sat through an entire movie at home, so I was really surprised when he did so well at the theater. He sat in his seat the entire time and behaved great. Our friends Brittany and Hallie met us there too, so that made it extra fun. After the movie, we all walked around the mall together. Before we left, Payson and Hallie rode the tiny carousel ride. They both enjoyed it and stayed on their horse. Thank goodness!

*Payson watching the previews.*
*Thank goodness for snacks!*
*So glad I brought the boppy to feed Beckett.*
*On the carousel ride.*
*On a different ride last week.*

More Swimming...

I absolutely hate wearing my bathing suit, but I decided that I wasn't going to let that stop me from giving Payson and Beckett a fun time this summer. Last week we went to the pool twice. Once with our friends Brittany and Hallie; and once with Paul. Payson LOVES the water but he burns so fast because of his fair complexion.
*After we went swimming with Daddy.*

*Beckett in the same swimsuit Payson wore last year.*
*This is Payson last summer.
He barely fit into his suit.*
*Payson walking along the edge of the
kiddie pool in our community.*
*This is Hallie. Payson's "girlfriend".*
*Having a snack in the wagon.*

*Me and Payson at the pool. (I was nursing Beckett)*

Pajama Time...

Pictures of our boys snuggling in their pajamas. Beckett already fits into 3 month sized clothes, mostly because he is SO long. I can't believe he is over 12lbs now!

Summer & Swimming...

Our summer has officially started and swimming with Payson is so much more fun than last year. He really loves the water and he isn't afraid of it at all. Unfortunately, his first time in the pool with Paul led to a throat infection and another ear infection. No more going underwater for Payson!

*Paul and Payson at our Bradley Class Reunion.*
*So much fun!*
*Payson really enjoyed walking along the edge
of the kiddie pool.*

*Beckett and Payson in matching outfits from
our old neighbor, Angelie.*