Thursday, April 30, 2009

35 Weeks Tomorrow...

So today I had another doctors appointment and everything looked great. I asked my doctor if she could guess how much Payson weighs at this point and she estimated that he is already 6 POUNDS! I was shocked. She also said that he will gain a 1/2 to 1 pound a week from this point on. It looks like I am going to get my 8+ lb. baby like I want. My feeling that Payson will come early grows everyday. This only makes me more anxious because I am not organized. So my goal is to have everything ready and in its place by next friday. Then it will be a waiting game. I start seeing the doctor every week now, so stay tuned for updates and pictures of the finished nursery.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Belly Bump...

Here is a new belly bump picture. I don't know why, but I actually look smaller in this picture compared to the one taken three weeks ago. Maybe it is just the angle because I sure do look and feel bigger. Anyway, things here are going good. We should be done with Payson's room in about a week and a half. Stayed tuned for pictures!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Baby Gear...

Hi Everyone! I just wanted to post a few pictures of the baby gear that we've put together. One more trip to babies-r-us and we should have everything we need. Looking at all this stuff around our house makes me even more anxious for Payson to arrive.
*swing, bouncer, and entertainer*
*car seat*
*high chair*
*play yard (and five loads of baby laundry)*

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Keeping Busy...

This weekend we finally started painting Payson's room. Next weekend Paul is installing a chair rail and putting together his furniture, then we will add all the finishing touches of decor. I don't want to show any pictures yet until it is all done- so you ALL will have to wait for the big reveal! Payson's room should be completely finished by the end of April.
Here is another project I worked on today.... onesies for Payson. Most of them are hockey themed. This week I have another doctors appointment, plus we take a tour of the hospital. We hope everyone had a good Easter.

Monday, April 6, 2009

New Doctor, Belly Bump & My Birth Plan...

At my OB appointment last week we were informed by the doctor that he would NOT support my all natural birth plan unless he was in total control and made all final decisions. He was unwilling to discuss my options during labor, like trying natural methods of progression, before he decided that medical interventions were necessary. This made Paul and I very unhappy and uncomfortable so we decided to find another doctor.
Today I had an appointment with a woman doctor that I completely trust. She is very supportive of our goals and is willing to explain my options during labor, before forcing a decision on us, so we can all decide what is best for me and baby. Words can not express how relieved I am to have a doctor I trust. I am now stress free regarding my delivery and I can't wait to push this baby out NATURALLY.
Below is an updated belly picture and our birth plan, for those of you who are interested. Enjoy.

Wendorff Family Birth Plan

Patient of: Dr. Zerline Chambers
Doula: Marilyn Alger
Husband/Coach: Paul Wendorff
Scheduled to deliver at Potomac Hospital

To Whom It May Concern, These are my wishes in how I would like the birth of my child carried out, before, during and after labor.
Sincerely, Lindsey Wendorff

1. I would like my husband and my doula in the labor room.
2. I would like to be free to walk around during labor.
3. I wish to be able to move around and change positions at will during labor.
4. I do NOT want an IV during labor, unless it is extremely necessary.
5. I would like the environment to be kept as dark and quiet as possible during labor.

1. I do not wish to have continuous monitoring unless it is required by the condition of the baby.
2. I do not want an internal monitor unless the baby has shown some sign of distress.

1. I would prefer to be allowed to try changing positions and other natural methods before pitocin is administered.
2. If labor is not progressing, I would like to have my water broke before other methods are used to augment labor.

1. I realize that many pain medications exist, I’ll ask for them if I need them. My goal is a drug-free birth.

1. Unless absolutely necessary, I would like to avoid a cesarean.
2. I would like my husband present at all times if a c-section is needed.
3. I wish to have an epidural for anesthesia.
4. So I can view the birth, I would like the screen lowered just before delivery of the baby.
5. If the baby is not in distress, the baby should be given to my husband immediately after birth.
6. I do NOT want anyone other my husband and hospital staff to hold my baby until I am able to.

1. I would like to avoid an episiotomy at all costs.
2. I would appreciate guidance in when to push and when to stop pushing so the perineum can stretch.

1. I would like to be allowed to choose the position in which I push and give birth in (i.e. squatting, hands-and-knees, etc.)
2. I would like my husband and my doula to support me and my legs as necessary during the pushing stage.
3. I would like a mirror available so I can see my baby’s head when it crowns.
4. I would like a chance to touch the baby’s head when it crowns.
5. I would appreciate the room to be as quiet and dim as possible for the actual delivery.

1. I would like the baby to placed on my stomach/chest immediately after delivery
2. I would like to wait until the cord has finished pulsating before it is cut.
3. I would like my husband to cut the cord, unless he declines when asked.
4. I would like to hold the baby while I deliver the placenta.
5. I would like to hold the baby for at least fifteen minutes before he is examined, unless he is in distress.
6. I would like my baby to be evaluated and bathed in my presence.
7. If the baby must be taken from my presence, I would like my husband to accompany the baby at all times.
8. I do NOT want a routine injection of pitocin after the delivery to aid in the expelling of the placenta.

1. I would like to have the baby “room-in” and be with me at all times.
2. I would like to be cleared to go home as soon as hospital policy allows.

1. I plan to breastfeed my baby and would like to begin nursing very shortly after birth.
2. I do NOT want my baby to be given a pacifier.
3. Please do NOT give my baby a bottle; I will gladly feed him when he becomes hungry.
4. I would like to meet with a lactation consultant.

1. I would like my baby boy to be circumcised before we check out of the hospital.

1. I would like to be informed of what is going on at all times.
2. If by some chance I am unable to make a decision or answer a question due to my state, I want all questions and decisions forwarded to be made or answered by my husband.
3. I would like the support of my doctor and all hospital staff to help me achieve my goal of an all natural and drug-free labor.
4. If any complications should arise during or after labor, I want what is best for me and my baby.

My Baby Shower...

Last Saturday was my baby shower and it was great. Paul's mother, Dawn, and her friend, Celeste, went above and beyond to give me a day that I will never forget. Everything from the food to the decorations were wonderful. All of the guests had a chance to design a fabric square that Dawn is making into a quilt for Payson. I was very lucky to receive many needed baby items. I am thankful for everyone who made the effort to join me at my baby shower and for all the gifts from people that could not attend. Please enjoy the pictures below.
*Rubber duckies trying to float in blue punch.
Too Cute.* *Just a couple of the many clothing items I received.*
*Me and Dawn holding one of the blankets
she made for Payson.*
*Paul putting the stroller together
as soon as we got home.*

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cherry Blossoms...

Here are pictures I took today in DC at the annual Cherry Blossom Festival.