Monday, September 28, 2009

4 Month Check Up...

Payson had his 4month check up today. He is now 14lbs. 11oz. and 25 inches long which puts him in the 50% for all categories.
*Payson and his new favorite cheetah*
*Paul and Payson taking a nap yesterday*

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Catching Up...

Hi Everyone! I can't believe it has been almost two weeks since my last blog. Since then, Meghan and Maddison went back to Phoenix and we miss them. Paul has been diagnosed with sleep apnea and has been sleeping with a CPAP machine which seems to be working great. He feels so much better and rested. As for me, I have been very tired and nauseous. I don't remember being this tired last time I was pregnant. Thank goodness I have a baby to nap with during the day. Paul has been helping with Payson a lot more lately by taking him for awhile after he gets home from work and letting me sleep in on the weekends. Isn't he great! We still don't know my due date, but we hope to find out sometime this week. I am dying to know because we need to start making plans and decisions about the future. It has been exciting talking about baby names again. We already have a girl name which was picked last time I was pregnant, but we still need a boy name. Paul is positive that it is a boy and I don't really have a feeling either way.
Today Payson is 4 months old! On Friday we gave him his first taste of rice cereal and he really liked it. I knew he was ready for solids because he is obsessed with everything we put in our mouths and he tries to take the fork from me when I eat. I am excited to try other new foods with him soon. Tomorrow we take him to the doctor for more shots and his 4 month check up. I can't wait to see how much he has caught up since he has been getting formula. Everyone is always commenting on what an alert and cute baby his is and of course I agree! We got him a new car seat which has made him a lot happier. He loves to look out the window and sit up like a big boy. He even falls asleep now instead of screaming the whole time.
Thank GOD!
Anyway, enjoy the pictures below from some recent events.

*New pajamas.....I love them!*
*Washington Nationals vs. L.A. Dodgers
babeball game*

*Asleep in the carrier after a long metro ride and walk to the game*

*Paul and Payson at the Washington Capitals
hockey practice*
*Alex Ovechkin- The Capitals star player*
*The whole team listening to their coach*

Monday, September 14, 2009

Irish Twins...

We are very excited to announce that we are already expecting another baby. We won't know the due date for a few more weeks until I have a doctors appointment. It will take an ultrasound to help determine the date because we have no clue when we conceived. All we know is that our babies will definitely be less than a year apart.....Irish Twins!!!

Animal Zoo and More...

I am finally putting up pictures from our trip to the Leesburg Animal Park last Saturday. We had a great time and we want to go back in the future when Payson is old enough to enjoy all the animals.
*Paul holding Payson on the tourtoise**Me and Payson with the tourtoise*
*Our Family Picure*

Here are also a couple pictures from today. We took the metro into DC to have lunch with Paul and go to the Natural History Museum.
*My smiling baby boy*
*Payson's new animal- he loved it*

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Meghan and Maddison have once again come to visit us from Arizona. Maddison is almost two years old and was very much looking forward to this trip so she could meet baby Payson. She absolutely LOVES him. It is good practice for her because she will become a big sister in January.
So far we've road the metro to the National Zoo and today we went to the Leesburg Animal Park. We are having a great time. Here are just a few pictures.
*Maddie holding Payson for the first time*
*Maddie and Payson kissing*
*Me and Payson at the Zoo*
*Meghan and Maddison at the Zoo*

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Last Weekend...

Last Saturday we decided to drive up to Baltimore to hang out and have lunch. It is only an hour away (without traffic) and Paul has never been there. They have a great area called the Inner Harbor where there are places to eat and shop. While we were walking around Paul kept noticing people wearing Cleveland Indians shirts so we asked someone if they were in town and they were! I am not personally an Indians fan, but Paul is a fan so he convinced me to go to the game later that day. Our afternoon trip quickly turned onto an overnight trip when we decided it was best to rent a hotel room and drive back the next day. We weren't prepared at all but we figured it out and bought us a few essentials to make it through the trip. Our hotel was across the street from the ballpark and had an amazing view of the field. We were so excited to take Payson to his first baseball game. Unfortunately, it started raining in the 5th inning and the game was delayed for over an hour. We were hungry so we went back to our room, ordered food and watched the rest of the game from our window. Overall, it was a fun adventure.

*Our ballpark view*

*A really bad picture of us while it was raining. This is what happens when you trust other people to take pictures.*

*Paul's attempt at taking a picture of Payson with the ballpark in the background.*

*Paul covering his nose while Payson was pooping!*