Saturday, December 31, 2011

Cardinal Classic...

Yesterday, we took the boys to Plattsburgh State's annual hockey tournament, the Cardinal Classic. We were lucky enough to have seats right on the ice, which gave the boys plenty of room to move around. The boys seemed to really like watching the hockey players and Irelyn did great at her first hockey game. What I loved most was the homey feel of going to a small town hockey game. I could help picturing our future as we sat there... running into friends at the game and hopefully watching our kids play hockey on the ice. We had so much fun, that we went back today to see the Plattsburgh State win the tournament. 

Mommy and Irelyn at the game.

The boys loved sitting on the ice.

Game #2.... I let Payson bring his new camera. 

Christmas 2011...

This year Christmas was fun, exciting and exhausting. Leading up to the big day, all three of the babies had a cold and Irelyn had her first ear infection. Paul's parents flew in from Columbus on Christmas Eve and the boys were super excited to see them. They stayed with us from Saturday to Wednesday and while they were here, we showed them the property of our future home (it's still not started....long story) and we showed them around the Plattsburgh area. Once again, our babies were spoiled with presents from everyone in our families. We hope all of our family and friends had a great Christmas and we wish we could have spent the holiday with my family in California too.

Paul reading "The Night Before Christmas"
to the kids on Christmas Eve. Our family tradition.
We had to us Grandma's iPad because
our book is packed away.
Everything set up and ready to go for Christmas morning.
The boys coming down the
stairs on Christmas morning.
The boys slept in their matching pajamas
from Auntie Ann & Uncle Daniel.
They went straight for their new work bench.

Beckett LOVES his Grandpa Tom.
Beckett opening his stocking.

Payson noticing that Santa ate the
brownies and milk that we left for him.
Grandma Dawn helping Irelyn
open her stocking.

Payson opening a present
from Auntie Alison in Chicago.

Payson opening the big gift from Grandma
Dawn and Grandpa Tom....a VTech Innotab.
Grandma Sheri got the boys the Vtech
camera and a game to go along with it.
Grandpa Tom opening his picture mug.
Grandma Dawn got one too. It is for
their new Keurig brewer.
Paul helped Irelyn open her gifts after her morning nap.

Our three babies on Christmas!!!

Surprise From Santa...

The day before Christmas Eve, Santa Claus (aka- our friend/builder, Mark) dropped by our house for a surprise visit. We were in the middle of dinner and caught a little off guard because we thought Santa was going to surprise us on Christmas Eve. Luckily, the boys are too little to understand what day it really is. Beckett seemed confused and scared during the whole experience, while Payson was excited and hyper that Santa was in our house. 

Santa in our kitchen.

Payson showing Santa where are tree is.

Telling Santa bye.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Santa Claus & Mrs. Claus...

Today, Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus made an appearance at our playgroup Christmas party. Payson was so excited all morning and was running all over the house saying "We're gonna see Santa today!" over and over again. When Santa first walked in, Beckett walked right up to him, but when it was our turn to visit with him, he was not happy. The clothing store, Aeropostale, donated teddy bears and the boys loved them. Paul was also able to join us and that made today extra special!

Mrs. Claus ready a story to all of the children.

Our three babies with Mr. & Mrs. Claus.
Paul jumped in to help calm down Beckett.
Irelyn LOVED her teddy bear too!

Irelyn- Five Months Old...

I just wanted to share some cute pictures of our FIVE month old baby girl. Time is flying by and, before we know it, she will be walking a talking like her big brothers. She is really into playing with her toys now and is so close to sitting up on her own. She is affectionately know as "baby sister" to her big brothers, who kiss and talk to her all day. She takes three naps during the day and is sleeping really well during the night. With the exception of waking up for her pacifier, she sleeps all night in her crib from 8pm to 7:30am. Everyone tells me what a good baby she is and how they LOVE her pretty bows (thank you Meghan!). I am really looking forward to starting her on solid foods soon and spending our first Christmas with her.

This was her special outfit for my birthday lunch
and everyone in the restaurant thought
she was SO CUTE!!!