Thursday, August 25, 2011

New York or Bust...

Hi Everyone! After a very busy and crazy week of packers, movers and driving, we've finally made it to New York. While the house was getting packed up, Paul and I took turns taking the boys out so they would be out of the way. I took them for one more group play date at a bounce house place. The boys wouldn't bounce in anything, probably because there were so many bigger kids there, so luckily they had other things to play on. We split the 10 hour drive into two days, spending the night in New Jersey. The first day of driving was long and frustrating because of traffic, but the second day was an easy and beautiful drive through the Adirondack mountains.
Since we've arrived, we have been staying in a hotel until our temporary house on the lake is ready. The owners of the house, who are originally from Switzerland, were nice enough to let us park our other car there, so we didn't have to worry about it in the hotel parking lot. We have also spent two days driving around with a realtor looking at houses and getting a tour of the area. And yesterday, we took the boys blueberry picking. More blueberries ended up in their tummies instead of the basket. The Plattsburgh area definitely seems like a great place to raise our kids.
Through it all, the kids have done pretty well. Beckett does seem to be needing some extra attention, hugs and kisses. He really likes taking his blankie everywhere we go. I personally think it is because he is the middle child now, not because of the move. Payson has been asserting his independence a lot lately. He doesn't like to sit in high chairs or hold our hand while walking. "I do it!" comes out of his mouth frequently. And Irelyn has been the best baby, just tagging along wherever we go. She smiled for us for the first time this morning. It made my day. Now I just have to get a smile on camera. Luckily, we have kids that adapt well to everywhere we go and they have no problem staying on the same sleep schedule. I can't wait until my next blog all about our lake house.

*Payson at the bounce place.*
*Beckett riding the roller coaster
at the bounce place.*
*He loved it.*
*I drove 90% of the way to New York.*
*Irelyn's first bath with her crazy brothers.*
*Locked in their chairs to watch a movie.*

*Walking to the blueberry bushes.*

*Picking blueberries.*

*He wouldn't look at the camera.
At least I am in a picture for once.*
*Daddy and his baby girl.*

*Payson feeding Beckett blueberries.*
*Daddy showing the boys how to blow
bubbles in the hotel pool.*

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Goodbye Virginia...

One last blog post before we pack up and move...
This last week in Virginia is going to be crazy. I am trying to see all of my friends one last time and make sure we don't forget to pack the things we need for our first two months in New York while our things are in storage. Our things are getting packed up Wednesday and Thursday, they load everything onto the truck Friday, and then Saturday we drive away. Moving is definitely bittersweet. I am excited to see what the next chapter in our life holds, but I am so sad to leave my great friends behind.
I will try to keep everyone updated on facebook until I can blog again....

*I got into a little fender bender with all three kids in the car, but everyone was ok. Only minor scratches on both cars.*
*Irelyn at 1 month old.*
*Playing at the park.*

*My sweet baby girl.*
*Irelyn at Hallie's birthday party.*

*The boys at Hallie's party.*

*The Birthday Girl.*

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Grandpa Tom & Grandma Dawn Visit...

On Friday, Paul's parents arrived from Ohio to meet their newest granddaughter. Before Paul picked them up from the airport, we took the boys to the water park for a little fun. On Saturday, we went to the soft play area at the mall. And on Sunday, we took the boys to the park after breakfast.
Gotta go. 11 days until we move and so much to do...

*Water park fun...*

*Payson...walking on water. LOL.*

*Grandpa Tom and Irelyn.*
*Grandma Dawn & Irelyn.*

*My favorite picture from their visit....
Grandpa Tom playing "This little piggie..."
with Payson. He loved it.*
*At the soft play area...*

*Playing at the park...*

Pictures with Grandpa and Grandma
before they left...

*Top: Paul with Payson @ 7 weeks.
Bottom: Paul with Irelyn @ 4 weeks.*