Saturday, March 23, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt 2013...

 I'm back!!!! After almost three tired and cold winter months, I finally have something to blog about. But first for those of you who don't already know....we are expecting another baby girl in July! Her name will be Scotlyn Dawn. You might think that the name Scotlyn was planned, considering we already have an Irelyn, but we literally thought of it the day we found out she was a girl. It is also a coincidence that Paul is Irish and I am Scottish. Her middle name, Dawn, is in honor of Paul's mom. 

Today, we went to Rulf's Orchard for an Easter egg hunt. Most places would cancel an event if it were 30 degrees outside with snow all over the ground, but not in the North Country. The kids had lots of fun hunting for eggs with candy inside and even more fun playing with their friends at our house. Because the orchard is just down the street from us, we invited our friends over for a potluck at our house.  

Irelyn, Elliot, Payson & Beckett waiting for the hunt to begin.
Irelyn did a great job!
Beckett hunting for eggs.
Paul and the boys looking for eggs in the apple orchard.

Our three babies!
We had a great day!