Friday, November 25, 2011

Our White Thanksgiving...

Let it snow! Tuesday night, around midnight, it started snowing here and I was SO EXCITED! The next morning Payson woke up around 7am. Usually if he wakes up that early, I tell him to go back to sleep or give him my iPod to play games so I can get a little more sleep, but not on Wednesday. I was so excited to see how much snow fell overnight. As soon as I looked out the window, I was wide awake and up for the day. To my delight, the was about 4-5 inches of snow everywhere and it was still coming down. 
It normally takes Paul about an hour to get home from work, but Wednesday morning it took him over two hours. He had to drive slowly and carefully because most of the roads had not yet been plowed. He got stuck twice, once going up a hill and then around the corner from our house. Once he got home, he had to shovel the driveway in case we needed to get out later.
On Thanksgiving, we stayed home all day and spent quality time as a family. Paul took the boys outside to play in the snow and build their very first snowman. We rearranged our living room, put up our Christmas tree and then ate our Thanksgiving dinner. 
Overall, it was a great holiday and we received around 8-10 inches of snow, but I am sad to report that our snowman has already melted. :(

The view out our front door Wednesday morning.
The boys checking out the snow.
Our van covered in snow.
Snow balls!!!
Payson and Beckett had so much fun eating the snow,
but didn't understand why it melted.
Daddy is finally home!!!
Paul shoveling the driveway,
just in case we needed to leave.
Our house. You can't even tell where the
circular driveway used to be.

I love how the snow clings to
the smallest twig or branch.

Beckett crawling around in the snow.

Paul helped the boys make their very first snow man!

Paul with his babies!

Irelyn had fun watching the
boys play in the snow.

Hey! Daddy threw a snowball on my head!
Paul teaching the boys how to make snow angels.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Irelyn at 4 Months...

Our baby girl is 4 months old already! This afternoon I took her for a check-up and shots. She is now 14lbs.2oz and 24.5 inches long. She is the apple of our eye and happily tags along everywhere we go. She loves watching her big brothers and seems very interested in tv. While Paul was on vacation, I started sleep training her and she has done really well. I have stopped using the miracle blanket to swaddle her, when she sleeps, and have started using the woombie instead. Other than swaddling, I am using the same routine and techniques I did with both boys to sleep train her. The only down side is that I am getting less sleep now because I have to get up to feed her or give her a paci, but I know in a few short months I will be getting uninterrupted sleep again. 

I finally bought some headbands so
she can wear all of her flowers and bows
that my friend, Meghan, made her.
I don't know why, but I love this picture!
My favorite picture from her
mini photo shot at the doctors.
Getting her check-up.
Getting her shots. I know, I am so mean for taking pictures.

Beckett at 18 Months...

This post is long overdue...
My baby boy is 18 months old! I can't believe Beckett is getting so big. He still seems like my baby, even though he is doing so much more at this age than Payson was. He is also doing things so much sooner than Payson did, but I'm sure that is because he has a big brother to look up to. He is talking up a storm, and I seem to be the only one that understands him. I feel like his personal interpreter. He feeds himself really well and easily eats more than Payson at every meal. He still loves meat and ate about a quarter of my steak the other day. He loves to sleep and rarely wakes up in the middle of the night. He loves his alone time and will sometimes spend over an hour in his bed, either before he falls asleep or when he wakes up, happily snuggling his blankie. He is the biggest mommy's boy and must be around me at all times. He has finally started giving Mommy and Daddy kisses on his own, something he was only giving to Irelyn. He is often annoyed at his big brother and screams when Payson is bugging him, knowing full well that Mommy will rescue him. He loves going on walks around the block and knows where is "spot" is on the stroller when Mommy is pushing Irelyn. I guess I am done for now, but I could go on and on. It's sad to think that he is going to be two years old before I know it.

Being goofy in the backyard.
He loves to lay on the blanket
in the front room and
pretend to go "nigh-nigh".
He does this when he wants to annoy me!
Beckett's new big boy bed.
Payson and Beckett checking out the new bed.
Ready to sleep. He did great his first night!

Paul's Vacation & Birthday...

Last week Paul took a vacation from work to celebrate his 35th birthday and to get some things done around the house. It was so nice to spend a vacation at home instead of traveling, like we always do. The boys really enjoyed having Daddy around to spend time with them. While he was off, we cleaned and organized the house, set up Irelyn's nursery in the sitting room next to our master bedroom, and we picked out the fabric and placed the order for our new sectional couch. In 4-6 weeks we will be comfortably sitting on our huge couch...just in time for our Christmas visitors. 
Here are some picture from last week.

The boys playing outside in our huge backyard.
Payson picking leafs off of a tree.
Beckett enjoying the fall weather.
Irelyn all bundled up
and fast asleep in her stroller.
Paul - 35 years old
& Irelyn - 4 months old.
Paul reading to the boys before bed.
Payson's creation with his cars.
Everyone agrees that
he has inherited my OCD. 

Irelyn playing in her jumper.
Beckett kept waving and saying hi to
something and I finally realized that
it was a spider. It was super cute.
Daddy and Payson sitting together at a restaurant.
Beckett sitting next to Mommy.
His first time in a booster seat!!!