Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Payson Walking...

Payson just took his first steps!!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy...

It's been another busy week for us. Last weekend, we went to a birthday party in Maryland and celebrated Father's Day. This week has been filled with play dates and another doctors appointment for the boys. Beckett got his 2 month check up and two shots. He barely cried at all! He is now 11lbs.3oz. (37%) and 23 inches long (55%). Payson finally received his 1 year check up, now that his ear infection is gone. He is now 24lbs.14oz. (91%) and 30 inches long (68%).

*Payson snuggling with Beckett.*
*A rare moment considering that Payson never sits still now that he can crawl and cruise.*
*Beckett loves smiling and watching
everything Payson does.*

*At a Julie's house for a play date with Lucas.*
*This always ends up happening.*
*Mr. Beckett*

*I can't get over how cute he is....*
*Mr. Payson*

*Playing with Lucas at his water table.*
*Payson and Lucas*

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Birthday Party And More...

With many family members in town, we celebrated Payson's first birthday on Saturday. Payson had a great time crawling and cruising all over the place with his friends that came over to play. I wish I had taken more pictures during the party, but Beckett kept me pretty busy. Visiting with everyone was nice, but very overwhelming and we are glad to get back to normal life. Enjoy the pictures from last weekend...

*Payson's birthday cake.*
*This time he knew what to do
and grabbed for the frosting.*
*Mr. Beckett at the party.*
*In a cute outfit from Sarah W.*
*Meeting Grandma Dawn.*
*Meeting Grandpa Tom.*
*Daddy and Beckett.*
*Payson and Auntie Sheridan.*
*Grandpa Tom and Grandma Dawn
with the Birthday Boy.*

*The best picture I have with his top 4 teeth.*

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Arlington And More...

Last week, my mother arrived here to meet Beckett and for Payson's birthday party. It is a special time because my mom has only seen Payson twice and only for one day each time. First she and my step-dad headed up to Pennsylvania for a NASCAR race last weekend and they have spent most of this week doing things in D.C.. Me and the boys went with them to Arlington National Cemetery because I have never been. The rest of this week I have been busy cleaning and preparing for Payson's party. Tonight my sister and her boyfriend arrive, then tomorrow, Paul's parents arrive. I am looking forward to everyone being together for this weekend. Our families have only met once and that was at our wedding!
Here are some pictures from the past week.

*Arlington National Cemetery*

*Payson eating his first waffle at Waffle House.*
*Payson and Grandma Sheri on the tour
mobile at the Cemetery.*
*Payson and Grandpa Bryan.*
*Beckett and Grandma Sheri.*
*Mommy and her BIG BOY!*
*Taking a break on a bench.*

*No more sitting still. If he think he can
stand up, he tries!*
*A quilt that my mom made for Beckett.*
*Birdhouses for Payson and Beckett.*
*Beckett is such a good boy. Payson was NEVER happy enough to play as a little baby.*
Beckett is smiling all the time now. I love it!

*Daddy and Beckett.*