Monday, May 31, 2010


*Payson & Beckett*

*Payson's Birthday*

*Payson Walking*

Sunday, May 30, 2010

1 Year and 1 Month...

On Friday, we went to the doctor for Payson's 1 year check up and Beckett's 1 month check up. Payson now weighs 25lbs.15.5oz. and is 29.5 inches long. Not much of a change since his 9 month check up, only gaining 2lbs. and a half an inch. I was surprised to find out that he had a fever, which led the doctor to discovering that he had an ear infection in both ears. So he didn't get any shots and has to go back after he finishes 10 days of antibiotics. I guess getting sick was bound to happen, considering he hasn't been sick yet.

*Payson getting weighed.*
*This is how Payson LOVES to sleep. We don't know why, but we find him like this every morning.*

Beckett's check up was quick. No shots for him. He now weighs 9lbs.13oz. and is 22 inches long. I can't believe that he grew 1.5 inches in one month. We think he is going to be tall. I am trying very hard to make sure that he doesn't get used to sleeping in our arms and last night he slept 4 straight hours in bassinet.

*Beckett with the doctor.*
*I thought his eyes were green, but they are starting to look brown. They will probably end up looking like Paul's eyes, hazel.*

Payson really loves holding Beckett. He gets so excited every time he gets near him. I try to give him big brother moments whenever I can so he doesn't feel left out.

*Snuggling on the couch.*
*Payson watching cartoons while holding Beckett.*
*......and more kisses.*
*In the stroller while in the waiting room.*
*More matching outfits.*

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Payson's First Birthday...

Today was Payson's first birthday and I was so excited. I can't believe how much our lives have changed in just one year. Payson is everything and more that we could ask for in a son. We are looking forward to watching him grow up into the man he is meant to be. Please enjoy the many pictures I took today.

*Happy boy! Playing with his toys this morning.*

*Silly Boy!*
*Payson makes these "funny faces" that crack us up! I wish a picture could capture how funny he really is.*
*Still not crawling or walking....but working on it.*
After Paul got home Payson went down for his afternoon nap and when he woke up he opened his presents before we left for dinner.
*Opening a small toy for bath time.*
*This was his big present from Me and Paul.*
*He loved his activity table. We hope this will encourage more standing and eventually walking.*
*Daddy and Payson at Red Robin for dinner.*
*Mommy and Payson.*
*Eating a sundae after everyone sang Happy Birthday.*
*Payson's birthday cake.*
*I don't think he has ever seen fire before. He didn't know what to do.*
*He started out very cautious and slow.....*
*....but ended up looking like this!*

*Giving Daddy a bite!*
Here are more pictures of the boys from the last week....

*Payson and Beckett wearing outfits
from my friend, Julie.*
*I have a feeling that Payson is going to cause Beckett to make this face a lot.*
*He is obsessed with Beckett's nose.*

Beckett is starting to smile and it melts my heart. I was lucky enough to catch a few smiles on camera, but first I want to share a picture of Payson's first smile on camera to show everyone how similar they look.

*This is Payson....*
*.....and this is Beckett!*

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

On My Own...

My first week on my own with the boys went pretty well. Monday and Tuesday we stayed home, but by Wednesday I was dying to get out and so was Payson. I discovered that going out with both boys wasn't any harder than taking care of them at home. Getting out the door was the only complicated part, because either Payson or Beckett would poop either 2 seconds before or after we left the house. The fact that I can carry Payson and Beckett up and down the stairs at the same time definitely helps.... and gives me a work out. Since Wednesday went well, I went out again with the boys on Thursday and Friday.
I love being a Mommy of two boys and, now that Beckett is here,I can't picture life without him.

*Payson and Beckett in the cart at Target.*
*My first picture with my boys.*
(in matching outfits!)
Payson and Beckett taking their first bath together.*
*Payson LOVES his toothbrush.*
(it lights up...can you tell?)

Here are several super cute pictures of
Payson from last week.

You can see them, but he has 5 teeth now and number 6 should break through any day.

Pulling himself up and standing in the bathtub
is his new thing. He even gets a little brave
and lets go of the tub.

*Making his "funny face" after Mommy gave him a chocolate cookie.*

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day and More...

Although I have given birth twice, today was my first Mother's Day and it was great! My day started off by sleeping in while Paul got up with Payson. Then we went to lunch at a new restaurant called Uncle Julio's. Mexican food is my favorite! After going home to feed Beckett, we went out again for ice cream. Plus, I was given a super cute card from Payson and Beckett. Here is our first family photo. I wish I had held up Beckett a little better...

On a side note.... I want to thank all of my Virginia friends for offering their support and bringing us meals since Beckett's birth. We couldn't have asked to make better friends since we moved here. I hope to be active with play dates soon so we all can catch up. Thank You so much!

The past two weeks have been wonderful with Paul home. I was able to rest and recover with his help around the house. I don't know any other husband that would jump right in and do all the cooking, cleaning, laundry, and shopping. Tomorrow Paul goes back to work and I am actually looking forward to seeing how I handle things.

During the past week, Beckett got circumcised and that went very well. We also took both boys to our amazing chiropractor for an adjustment. I also got one myself, to make sure I was in good shape after giving birth. Yesterday, our midwife came over for Beckett's two week check-up. He lost one pound in the first few days after he was born and has already gained 12oz. back. I was so relieved to see that he has gained weight because it confirmed that breastfeeding is going well. Having a natural birth made all the difference. Payson still LOVES his baby brother but does not know his own strength. He gets very upset with us when we stop him from grabbing and touching Beckett too roughly. Here are a few pictures from the past week.

Now that we have two car seats in the back of our truck, we had to turn Payson's seat around so we all could fit. He already weighs over 24lbs., so we aren't really worried about turning him around a few weeks early.

*Beckett wearing a onesie from Auntie Sheridan.*
(not a great picture...he was starting to get upset.)