Saturday, January 28, 2012

Progress Report...

Payson - 2 years 8 months
- He gave up his pacifier almost two weeks ago 
and it was much easier than we expected.
- He is potty trained at home, 
but still wears a diaper to go out and sleep.
- He loves giving his siblings hugs and kisses, 
even when they don't want them.
- He is becoming quite the negotiator.
- He loves going to play group.
- He is my only baby that wakes up during the night. 
- He is learning how to dress himself.
- He remembers everything you tell him.
- He would watch cartoons all day, if we let him.
- He tells me which way to turn when I drive.
- He has mastered how to use my iPod and his tablet.
- He loves to play in the snow.
- He tells me I am bad and sends me to timeout. 

Beckett - 1 year 9 months
- He is talking up a storm!!!
- He is the biggest Momma's boy.
- He is loves his blankie, teddy bear and panda bear.
- He could eat all day, if we let him.
- He is finally over his screaming phase.
- He is learning and coping everything from Payson.
- He never wakes up at night.
- He hates getting his hair cut or nails clipped.
- He pretends to go pee pee on the potty.
- He likes to be in his room alone.
- He loves balloons.

Irelyn - 6&1/2 months
- She weighed 16lbs.3oz.(50%) 
at her six month check up.
- She looks exactly like Payson at this age.
- She has been sleeping through 
the night for one month now.
- She prefers to sleep on her tummy.
- Her hair is finally growing in!!! 
I've trimmed the long sections three times already.
- She just became interested in solid foods. 
- She takes three naps a day, totally 4-5 hours. 
- She is very easy going.
- She is a Momma's girl.
                      - She loves her giraffe teething toy.                          

Auntie Sheridan's Visit...

Last Tuesday, my baby sister flew in from California to visit us. As a special treat, I let Payson stay up late to come with me and pick her up from the airport. By the time we got home, Beckett was still awake in his room, so I let him come down stairs to say hi. The boys were SO EXCITED to see their Auntie Sheridan. Even though they haven't seen her for about nine months, the boys have such a good relationship with her. They love playing with her and saying her name over and over again. The boys went to bed very late that night and it took them forever to wind down to fall asleep.

Since we only see Sheridan a couple of times a year, I decided that we would celebrate a few holidays with her while she was here. On Wednesday morning she woke up to Valentine's Day decorations and a present from the boys. Later that morning she went with us to play group, then we both enjoyed a nap during the kid's nap time and then we all stayed in for dinner.
Opening her Valentine's Day gift.

She got a teddy bear and a jacket.
Payson playing with the trains at playgroup.

Beckett drawing on the chalkboard.
Auntie Sheridan and Irelyn at playgroup.
Circle time.
"The doors on the bus go open and shut...."
Being silly with Auntie Sheridan.

On Thursday, we celebrated Sheridan's birthday. She loved the Patriots jersey we got her, especially since they are going to the Super Bowl. It was Paul's day off, so we spent the day shopping, eating lunch at the mall and then we went to the Texas Roadhouse for dinner. 
Payson taking a picture of Sheridan
opening her birthday present.

A Patriots shirt!!!

On Friday, we celebrated Christmas. For fun, I had a present each for Sheridan, Paul and myself. We spent the morning taking the kids to the gym, then we ate at Ground Round for lunch and went to a hockey game that night. 
Beckett at the gym.

The boys finally enjoying the bounce castle at the gym.

Irelyn got to spend lots of time with her Auntie.
Irelyn is finally big enough to play in the ball pit at the gym.
Payson talking to Irelyn. LOL.
Beckett played with Irelyn too.
Beckett loves balloons.
Having fun in her walker.
Paul's Christmas present.
Sheridan's Christmas presents...
I bought her and I matching pants.
Me and my BABY sister!
Enjoying her birthday cupcakes.
Getting annoyed with me taking pictures.
She is gonna kill me for posting these. Lol.
That's what big sisters are for.
I think she got some much
needed rest during her visit.
My pretty girl at the hockey game.
Beckett thought he new puck was so cool.
Payson was very jealous.
So he tried to take it!
Trying to say "puck".
Payson finally got a turn to admire the puck.
I don't think Beckett got to play with it
for the rest of the night. 
Showing Irelyn the puck.
I don't know why, but I love this picture.
Early Saturday morning, Paul took Sheridan to the airport before he went to work. Unfortunately, her flight ended up getting delayed and then ultimately canceled. She was able to get a flight out of the airport in Burlington, Vermont. So I had to quickly pack up the kids, pick her up from the Plattsburgh airport and take the ferry across Lake Champlain to get her to the airport in time for her flight. It ended up being a long day for all of us. 
I hope she enjoyed her visit. We miss her already!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Our Little Shutterbug...

This year for Christmas, Payson and Beckett received a Vtech camera from Grandma Sheri. Beckett doesn't seem to have any interest in taking pictures, but Payson has already taken over 650 pictures. He is taking pictures of everything around the house and we even let him take it to a hockey game. It is so cute to hear him say "look at me guys" or "say cheese". I am so happy that he has my love for photography. Please enjoy some of this pictures he has taken.

Mommy on Christmas.
Grandpa Tom.
Grandma Dawn.
Uncle Daniel and Cousin Derek on Skype.

One of many pictures of Beckett (which he hates).
Making Mommy and Daddy pose.

Of himself.
At the hockey game.

Baby Sister.

His waffle.
Pee in the potty. Sorry if this grosses you out.
I think it's funny.

Mickey Mouse.
Mommy and Beckett.
AND..... (Don't look if you don't 
want to be grossed out again!)

His very first poop in the potty! He ran straight for
his camera, as soon as he was done. It was super funny.
P.S. I blurred it out....