Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cherry Blossom Festival 2010...

Today, Payson and I went to the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington D.C. with our friends Brittany and Hallie. The weather was much better compared to last year when I went, 29 weeks pregnant with Payson. It was a lot harder to get good shots while pushing around a stroller and having contractions. I took it easy though and we didn't stay very long. This was definitely my last big day out before Beckett's birth. Here are the few good pictures I did manage to get...

*Hallie and Payson taking a break from their strollers.*
*Hallie and Payson KISSING...*

*Me and my little man.*

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Belly Picture & Sewing Projects...

Here I am....35 weeks and 4 days
pregnant with Beckett!!!

These pictures will probably ruin the surprise for a few people, but I don't care. I told everyone a few weeks ago that Paul got me a sewing machine and since then I have created a couple things. So far I have made pacifier holders and a several taggie blankets. One blanket for Beckett and all the others were for my friends. I hope all of their babies enjoy them.

*This one is for Beckett and I made another one for baby Joshua.*
*These are for Alexis and Reagan.*
*These are for Brittany's & Maria's babies.*

Friday, March 26, 2010

Payson: 10 Months Old...

Today Payson is 10 months old! I feel like I was just blogging last week about Payson turning 9 months. Taking care of Payson everyday has made this pregnancy go by so fast. My midwife appointments are weekly now and things are going great. I can't believe that Beckett could be here in as little as 1 week or he could come in 5-6 weeks. Who knows??? I am, actually, pretty relaxed about Beckett's unpredictable arrival considering that I am such a planner. All we can do is be prepared, and, by the end of this weekend, I plan on being completely ready. I have nothing but visions of a successful birth, and I have faith that my midwives (and Paul of course) will help make that happen. Payson is going to be such a good big brother, and we hope the transition from one baby (Payson is still a baby) to two babies will go smoothly.

Please enjoy pictures from Payson's 10 month photo shoot at the park.

*Standing up!!*

I thought I would also post a few pictures of Payson in his Browns outfit for Grandpa and Grandma Wendorff.

*Go BROWNS!!!*

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Is Here...

Thank goodness Spring is finally here! The warm weather has been so nice, and Payson is really enjoying taking walks around our neighborhood. I just can't resist going outside, even though I am trying to take it easy, because going for walks and going up our stairs have been giving me strong braxton hicks contractions. On Tuesday, I will be 35 weeks pregnant, and I really have a feeling that Beckett is coming early, so, I plan on having everything ready for our homebirth by 36 weeks. Payson's playroom will be completely converted into my birthing suite. So excited!

*Payson playing in his toy box.*

*Enjoying a walk around our neighborhood.*
*Trying to help me walk Mylie.*
On St. Patrick's Day, I hosted one last play date for my community mommy's group at my house. We had a great turn out with 6 mommy's and 8 kids. In honor of the holiday, I made rainbow cupcakes and a tasty green drink with ice cream. I couldn't resist showing off my work.

*Cake batter in rainbow colors before I baked.*
*The final product!...So Yummy.*
*My green drink.*

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Just Around The Corner...

Today I am 34 weeks pregnant with Beckett. He will be here in a few short weeks so we want to know your guess for Beckett's birthday and weight. My official due date is April 27th, which is exactly one month before Payon's birthday. Please send your guess to my email or leave a comment to this blog.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Payson: 9 Months Old...

Today I took Payson for his 9 month check up with his new pediatrician. His new doctor doesn't speak English very well, but at least she is supportive of our plans for a home birth and using an alternate vaccine schedule for our children. Payson had to get two shots today and was a little more upset than he usually gets. He now weighs 22.4 lbs. and is 29 inches long.
Looking back, I can't believe how far we have come. From having trouble gaining weight to a stocky and solid little man. From NEVER sleeping or napping alone to sleeping 12 hours a night in his own room without making a peep and napping at least 3 hours a day. I love that I can just lay him down wide awake and he feels secure enough to play in his crib until he drifts off to sleep. He can now say "Mama", "Dada" and "more", but only when HE wants to. His favorite foods are string cheese, bananas and pancakes. He has recently learned how to drink from a sippy cup and loves drinking juice throughout the day. He is interested in everything around him and loves to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse every morning. Lastly, his hair grows like a weed so I usually cut it every 2 weeks. People compliment his little man haircut everywhere we go.
As for Paul and I, we are in the last stretch of my pregnancy with Beckett and we look forward everyday to meeting him. Paul is still enjoying his detail which will end right before my due date. Let's hope I don't go into labor early while he is across the country!
Please enjoy a few recent pictures of our little man...
* Photo shoot while at the doctor today.*

*Brushing his teeth during bath time.*
*Meeting the Red Robin bird. He wasn't scared at all!*