Sunday, May 31, 2009


Just wanted to post a few pictures and give a quick update. Payson is doing great. Our days are definitely easier than our nights, but that's ok. We are still learning what Payson likes and doesn't like. My milk finally came in today, so I hope a dirty diaper is on the way. I feel pretty good as long as I stay on top of my pain killers. I even have moments where I don't feel like I had major surgery at all. Tomorrow we take Payson for his first visit to the doctor and I want to find out what I can do about his gas. Sometimes he is in so much pain that he won't nurse. So far motherhood has been one worry after another. Anyway, enjoy the pictures.

*Sound asleep in his boppy* *Eyes wide open*

*Paul & Payson in bed*

*Grandpa Tom & Grandma Dawn*

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pictures, Pictures and More Pictures...

I finally had time to edit and post pictures. Enjoy.
Here is a link to lots more:
*Me & Paul before my c-section* *Paul - all dressed up*
*My first look at Payson*
*I was very emotional*
*Paul- first time holding Payson*
*In love with his boy*
*Tired after meeting everyone on skype*

*I love this picture*
*Tired Daddy**Daddy & Payson*

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Just wanted to post a couple pictures from today. Both Payson and I are doing great. We should be able to go home tonight if Payson's jaundice level is still low. Hopefully this weekend I will have time to post tons of pictures and tell you all everything that happened over the past couple of days.
*Payson sleeping next to me on the bed*
*Payson with his proud Daddy*

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Payson Is Here...

Hi Everyone! It wouldn't be me if I didn't find a way to blog from the hospital. Here is a picture of our big guy. Sorry I don't have time to go into detail about my 30 hours of labor and tell his complete birth story, so stayed tuned for all of those details. Just wanted to share his little face.

Payson Thomas
May 27th, 2009, 1:20 am
8lbs. 5 oz., 20 inches.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Labor Begins

Hi all, this is Paul, comin' at ya with some blog scrawl. Lindsey went into labor last night, May 25th, at about 8:30. She's been laboring for 18 and a half hours and is doing great. The contractions have become very painful and are coming almost on top of each other, but she is staying focused and positive. We went to the scheduled doctor's appointment at 11 AM to see where Payson was at. Lindsey was dilated to 3 to 4 cm and 0 station. Hopefully she's further along now and approaching transition. We're thinking about going to the hospital soon. We'll keep everyone up to date as things move along. Please keep Lindsey in your thoughts. She's definitely relying on everyone's support in order to stay strong and take the beating like a hockey forward in the crease. Peace out, word to Payson's mother, and GO BUCKS.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Baby Watch '09...

Hi Everyone. I went to the doctor today for my 38 week check up and I wish I had more exciting news. I am still 1cm dialated and at a zero station but I am now 50% effaced. My weekly appointments will now be on tuesdays because if something starts to happen my doctor wants to be around and then we don't have to worry whether she is on call. My doctor also said she is going out of town for the weekend, so my desire for Payson to come now is put off until next week. Either way it is in God's hands. Payson will come when he is ready.
Below is a picture from yesterday. This week Paul's father, Tom, is in town with his middle school students on their annual trip to Washington DC. They got the opportunity to eat lunch together at the Smithsonian and dinner at the Regan Building, where Paul works.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Sad Day...

I really debated posting this blog, but during a time that I feel so helpless it was least I could do. Today I found out that our friend from our birth class lost her baby at 36 weeks (I will not go into details). I could never imagine what she is going through and words can not express how bad I feel for her. Having gone through a miscarriage myself I have a slight understanding of what it feels like to lose a baby, but I'm sure my experience does not compare to someone that has already found out the gender of their baby, picked out a name and filled their home with baby items. Tomorrow a funeral will be held for her baby, but I don't know if I can handle attending it. Today I have a deep sense of how fragile life is and I thank God for my healthy baby. I hope my friend finds peace in the fact that her baby girl is in heaven with her mother and God.
This blog is dedicated to:
Leila McKenzie
(I hope I spelled it right)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Baby Shower #2...

Today we were so excited to have another baby shower given by all of Paul's co-workers. We had tons of homemade food including bbq, salads and other various side dishes. It was so nice to meet and get to know everyone Paul spends his week with. After the baby is born, we hope to hang out and get to know everyone even better. We had a great time. Enjoy the pictures.
*This is a homemade and hand decorated cake by Paul's co-worker, Angie. Too Cute!**Me and Paul with our "Mommy Loves Me" and "Daddy Loves Me" books*
*The many presents we received*

P.S. Baby Watch '09 - I lost my mucus plug today plus I have been having lots of braxton hicks contractions. I think labor is just around the corner- but who knows!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Baby Watch '09...

Just a quick update from the doctor today. I wasn't expecting a vaginal exam, but the doctor did one anyway because I am having contractions here and there. The baby is now at a "0" station, my cervix is 40% effaced and I am dialated to 1cm !!!! She also said he turned from a posterior position to an anterior position. This is a good thing because it allows the baby to more easily manuever through my pelvis as he is born. Payson changing positions is probably why I look much bigger in my last picture because his butt is sticking out. I knew last week he was in the wrong position so I have been sitting on an exercise ball to open my pelvis and using a rebozo (a mexican shawl used to assist a woman in labor) to get Payson to turn. I did it- yeah!
P.S. If you want to come and visit us after the baby is born you are welcome to stay with us starting July 1st. Check the "visitor schedule" to the right and let us know when you are coming. Sorry we can't double book guests.

A Cousin On The Way...

Paul and I are so excited to announce that my brother and his wife, Daniel and Ann, are expecting a baby girl October 1st.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Guess Payson's Birthday...

So after my blog yesterday my sister, Sheridan, and my sister-in-law, Ann, decided to start guessing when Payson will be born. I want all of you to tell me your guess and I will keep track on the right side of my blog. I also want to hear how much you think Payson will weigh. Please leave me a comment or email and I will update my blog. Be careful not to take someone else's date or weight. Let's see who ends up getting it right.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Baby Bump...

I am hoping that this is my last baby bump picture because I am so ready to have Payson. Not only because I am dying to see what he looks like and hold him in my arms, but also because I am so uncomfortable. I can't wait to take on natural labor. Between our bradley classes and meetings with my doula, Paul and I feel very prepared. Every little ache and pain has me wondering if labor is beginning. I really wanted a June baby, but at this point I want him to come now!
I have been trying to keep busy lately trying to pass the time. I've done everything from last minute cleaning and organizing to designing Payson's birth announcements and designing a "#1 Coach" shirt for Paul to wear while I am in labor. The only things left to do are on a list for Paul, but after all his hard work on the nursery I'm not gonna push it. If they get done, they get done. Anyway, enjoy the picture.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Payson's Nursery...

Today, we finally completed Payson's Nursery when Paul got home from work and I was able to take pictures before the sun went down. We are very proud of the way it turned out and we can't wait for Payson to arrive. We hope you like his nursery too. Please leave us a comment.
Please also visit the link below to view many more pictures of his nursery. It is hard to tell, but there are stripes below the chair rail. So check out the pictures before furniture was added.

36 Weeks...

Just a quick update..... I went to the doctor today and she said that Payson is at a -1 station, my cervix is 30% effaced and I have not started to dialate. She also said that she can feel the top of his head and that he is "lined up and ready to go". Unfortunately, knowing these things does not help to predict when I will go into labor. It could be next week or next month.
Lots of you have asked about some pregnancy terminology from todays visit, so for those of you who don't know or understand.... here you go.
Station: This is the measure of how far the baby has traveled down the birth canal. Ususally given in the range of -2 to +2 station. A "-" number means the baby has not yet descended into the birth canal, "zero station" is considered right at the top of the birth canal, and a "+" station is the baby in the birth canal.
Effacement: This refers to the thinning of the cervix in preparation for birth, and is expressed in percentages. 100% effaced is when you begin pushing.
Dialation: The amount the cervix has opened in preparation for childbirth, dialation is measured in centimeters. Fully dialated means you are at 10 centimeters and you are ready to push.