Monday, April 25, 2011

Beckett's Party, Easter and Saying Goodbye...

The day after Beckett's actual birthday, we held a party at a local park. The weather wasn't too bad, but because the park is along the Potomac River, it was very windy and colder than I had hoped for. Luckily, our friends and family still braved the conditions to show up for the celebration. My beautiful vision of the day didn't come true, but we still had a good time. Everyone dined on sandwich trays, pasta salad, watermelon and chicken nuggets with french fries for the kids. We had a dinosaur cake, dinosaur shaped rice crispy treats and dinosaur favor boxes for the kids. I can't believe my baby boy is ONE!

*Our Family*
*My handsome boys!*
*The photo banner that
I made for the party.*
*Beckett's dinosaur cake.*
*Favor boxes for the kids.*
*Payson coloring Easter eggs
with Grandma Sheri and
Grandma Dawn.*

*Mommy reading an Elmo
Easter book to her boys.*
*Payson Thomas...23 months.*

*Beckett...he's not a baby anymore. ;(*
*The awesome train table
from Grandpa Tom and
Grandma Dawn for the boys.*

*Grandpa Tom playing with the boys.*
*A picture with the boys
before Tom and Dawn flew home.*
*The awesome kitchen set-up
for the boys from Grandma Sheri
and Auntie Sheridan.*

*One last picture with
Auntie Sheridan before
she left on Monday afternoon.*

Beckett's 1st Birthday...

Last Friday was Beckett's 1st birthday and I was so excited. The night before, I had decorated the whole house and, in the morning, he LOVED all the balloons and streamers hanging up. During the afternoon, Paul's parents, my Mom and sister all arrived in town for the birthday weekend. The boys were super excited to see them and loved getting so much attention. After our spaghetti dinner, we sang 'happy birthday' and let Beckett eat a mini cupcake. Overall, it was a great first birthday celebration.

In honor of Beckett's birthday I am updating everyone on what he is up to:

He still LOVES to scream.

He took his first steps last Monday.

He is the most thirsty baby I know.

He is the biggest Mama's boy.

He can say: Mama, Dada, Elmo, nigh-nigh and moon.

He eats more food than Payson.

He still sleeps through the night without a peep.

He gets so excited when Daddy comes home.

He loves to climb the stairs.

He can blow kisses.

He has no clue a new baby is coming.

He loves to dance.

He can sign: more, milk and all done.

He still has the cutest smile ever.

He loves to splash in the bath.

He is starting to fight back when Payson takes a toy from him.

He has started hitting me.

He has six teeth.

He loves to point at things.

Here are pictures from Beckett's birthday last friday...