Monday, November 26, 2012


 This morning we woke up to the best surprise ever....SNOW! It was less than an inch deep, but definitely deep enough for the kids to have a great time. I am very thankful that all three of my kids can walk now because carrying a baby and trying to play with other kids in the snow is hard. The dogs were especially excited about the snow and, even though, I sometimes wonder if huskies were a good choice for our family, today I was thankful that I didn't have to worry about them getting cold at all. 20 degree temperatures are nothing for a dog that can handle -75 degrees. I am looking forward to getting our first BIG snow storm of the season so we can build a snowman. 

Time to go sledding! Not really, it was
more like me pulling them around.
She didn't want to get out. 
Payson making a snow angel. 

Beckett's turn to make a snow angel.

And she's's too bad she is crying
because Paul looks really cute in this picture.

And, of course, a few pictures from Payson and Beckett's skating lessons. They are doing great and catching on so quickly! These pictures of from over a week ago, but, as of their last lesson, Beckett is zipping around the ice and Payson is skating without any help.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

First Skating Lesson...

This morning, the boys had their first ice skating lesson and I'm not sure who was more excited....the boys or me and Paul? Luckily, Paul is able to go on the ice with boys because he is taking a coaches class next weekend, otherwise the boys would have been on their own and I don't think that would have worked out well. At first, Payson freaked out and needed to take two breaks off the ice with me, but after giving him a ball to kick he did great. On the other hand, Beckett was a natural and did awesome especially considering he was probably one of the youngest kids there. By the end of the one hour class, most of the other kids were off the ice and our boys didn't want to leave. I can't wait to see their skills improve over the next four months. 
There they go!
Payson was not a happy camper.
While Daddy gave Payson some
one-on-one attention...
...Beckett decided he didn't want to
wait with Mommy, so he headed
out on the ice by himself.

Irelyn really wanted to go on the ice with her big brothers.
Payson taking a break before I
made him try one more time.
This time Daddy tried a different approach.
Irelyn had fun playing with this little girl. When she would
squat down to say hi, so would Irelyn. It was funny.
Making progress...
Kicking a ball does the trick!!!