Friday, January 29, 2010

Saying "Mama" & More...

Before I get to Payson saying "Mama",
here are a few pictures.

*Payson finally has his two bottom teeth!*
*I couldn't get a picture of his teeth with him smiling, so this is what I had to do.*
*Payson can now hold his own bottle and feed himself. Only while laying down though, he hasn't grasped the concept of gravity while sitting up.*
*Being a silly boy while he eats.*

Saying "Mama"...
Ok, first of all let me say that I never wanted to be one of those crazy moms that claim their baby is doing something really advanced, but....... I have video proof! Most babies begin to babble with "dada" sounds first, but Payson started with his "M's". Most of the time when he says "Mama" he is just babbling, but from time to time he definitely will say it when he wants me or when I tell him to. He also says "more" while I am feeding him but I haven't got that on video yet.
Enjoy the videos!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hockey Game...

On Saturday night we were very excited to take Payson to his second Coyotes hockey game. We definitely stood out by wearing the visiting teams jersey, but Payson looked so cute in his jersey that people didn't seem to mind. During warm-ups, Payson received another puck from the same player that gave him one at his first game! We were also lucky enough to get a good deal on tickets to a suite. It was so nice to have a private bathroom and plenty of space to take care of Payson. He was such a good boy the whole night considering he was up well past his bed time and after being awake for six straight hours he finally passed out on the metro sitting straight up.
*Riding the metro train before the game.*
*Waiting for warm-ups to begin.*
*Relaxing on Daddy.*
*Watching our team warm-up.*
*In our suite.. This time we were prepared with ear protection for Payson.*

P.S. Thank you for all of your opinions on which photo to submit for Regis & Kelly's Beautiful Baby Contest. We ultimately went with picture #2 because it showed off Payson's personality best. Wish us luck!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Best Contest Picture...

Dear Family and Friends,
We need your opinion. We are entering a picture of Payson into Regis and Kelly's Beautiful Baby Search. The only problem is that we can only submit ONE picture and we can't decide which one. Please review the pictures below and vote which picture you think would be the best submission to the contest. The voting box is on the top right of our blog. Thanks.


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy New Year ! ! !

Happy New Year to all of our Family and Friends! So far this year began the way it ended...watching our little boy grow up way too fast. He is eating, learning and doing something new every time we turn around. Still no crawling, but he is a master in his walker. He finally figured out how to turn in it, so he spends most of the time doing laps in our living room. The only thing he has left to figure out is how to back up when he gets stuck. Keeping the table clear is now a must because his walker is at the perfect height for reaching everything. He is also working on his first tooth. I can barely see and feel his new little sharp friend. No more biting Mommy and Daddy's fingers- that's for sure! Drink formula is old news to him now that he gets solids. He even gets a bite of what we are eating every now and then. Maggie and Mylie caught on very quickly that Payson drops food, so he is now the focus of their attention. Please enjoy some recent pictures.
*Payson's mohawk. Paul's new favorite picture.*
*Payson's spiked up hair.* *Outside in the snow after our last storm.*
*Payson loves it when Paul does the "fireman carry".*
*Going for a walk in his car.*
This morning we let him have pancakes for the first time and he LOVED them.
*Attacking the pieces of pancake.*
*Shoving hand fulls into his mouth.*
*Yummy, yummy!*
*He took a 2hour nap after his breakfast!*

Monday, January 4, 2010