Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Two Month Update...

Today Payson had his 2 month check-up and everything went great. He now weighs 9lbs.6oz. and is 22.5 inches long. The doctor is not at all concerned with his weight anymore which is a huge relief to me. The only bad part of the day was Payson getting shots. We have decided to spread out his shots instead of giving them to him all at once. We have many reasons for doing this and we are happy with our decision.
I had a random photo-shoot with Payson while we were waiting for the doctor. The pictures came out really good and I am considering framing a couple.
Enjoy the pictures below and many more at:
*Playing around in photoshop-
can you see his blue eyes?*
*Our big big boy...9lbs.6oz.* *Getting his shots*
*He was very upset* *More big boy pajamas*
*Daddy after working VERY HARD
to calm down Payson*

Saturday, July 25, 2009

My Little Man...

Nothing much to say.
Here are some recent pictures.
*Such a happy boy this morning*

*Talking to me*

*Play with his activity center yesterday*

*Unfortunately this only lasted 5mins....
but that's progress*

Friday, July 24, 2009


Ok- before everyone freaks out and leaves us a comment, let me say that Payson was not left unattended nor did he sit in his bumbo seat very long. I just wanted to try it out last night and he looked too cute watching Paul cook. Payson seems to already have very strong muscles and great head control for only 8 weeks old. He is always lifting his head for long periods of time and loves trying to stand up (assisted of course). We have a feeling he is going to be a fast walker. We hope you like the pictures below.
*Almost a smile* *Look at those big blue eyes*
*In the kitchen watching Daddy cook*

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Big Boy Pajamas...

Payson finally can wear his big boy pajamas because he stretches out his legs instead of curling up in a ball when he sleeps. He looked so cute I wanted to share pictures. Plus a picture of him crashed out in his swing -which only lasted about 10 minutes.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Morning...

I love waking up to my baby everyday, but there is something special about the weekend because Paul is home. Payson is always his happiest after his first feeding. That is when he gives us all of his funny faces and the biggest smiles. We love him so much.
All of the pictures below can also be seen in color at:

Watching Daddy Play Hockey...

Last night Payson and I went to Paul's hockey game. Paul got 1 assist and 2 penalties! He even got to take a shot in a shoot-out because the game ended in a tie. He didn't make the shot and they didn't win the game. Oh well. Enjoy the pictures.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More Pictures...

Here are a few pictures from a mini-photoshoot that I had with Payson today.

First Smiles...

Last Thursday Payson smiled at me for the first time. It was too cute. I was bummed that Paul missed it because he was at work. Luckly, Saturday morning Payson smiled for Paul. His smiles definitely make all his fussiness worth it.
Payson weight is finally getting on track. I've got him to gain 9oz. in 11 days! His is now finally above his birth weight. Last night he weighed 8lbs. 9oz. at bath time!
Enjoy pictures from the past week.
*First smile on camera!*

*This outfit is too cute*

*Grandpa Tom, Grandma Dawn and Payson*

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sleeping In...

Right now Paul and Payson are upstairs sleeping in . They are too cute. Payson really loves his Daddy. Sometimes seeing them together makes me want to cry. I have looked forward to mornings like this my whole life and I can honestly say that all of my dreams have come true.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Day In Washington DC...

Yesterday we all took the metro into DC to meet up with Paul for lunch. It was Payson's first ride on the train and his first trip into the city. He was such a good boy all day long. Most of the time he slept in his stroller or I breastfed him as we walked around town and through two museums. Paul was also able to meet back up with us after he got off work to see a museum too.
Enjoy the pictures from yesterday.
*Daniel and Ann in front of
the Washington Monument* *This is the outfit that Uncle Daniel
and Auntie Ann bought him*
*Funny faces all the time* *In front of the White House*
*All of us at the end of the day*
*The White House*
*The Washington Monument*