Sunday, May 27, 2012

Payson's 3rd Birthday...

Please enjoy the MANY pictures 
from Payson's 3rd Birthday.

His morning started off with presents!!!
We gave him a V-Tech toy that
teaches him how to write the ABC's.
Grandpa Tom & Grandma Dawn sent him two
new puzzles and a baseball toy(pictured below).

Working on his hockey puzzle.
Learning how to write his letters.

His first time writing the letter A!!!!
Taking a cartoon break.

At a birthday party for his friends, Isaac & Julia.
It was on a beautiful farm.
The boys had so much fun playing
on the bouncy house.

Irelyn's first time sitting on grass.
Notice the funny face and leg lift.
One of my favorites of the day.

Time to eat!

Cows and horses grazing in the background.
Beckett dipping carrots into a cup of ranch dressing.

She got her first tooth today!!!
Irelyn trying to steal Beckett's popsicle. He was not happy.

Awesome birthday cake!
If their outfits weren't dirty before,
they are now!
Paul and Payson at dinner.
Birthday dessert.

Watching Daddy sing "Happy Birthday".
So excited to be 3!!!

He only got to blow out the candles.
No more sweets tonight!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Warm Weather & Fun Times...

It is finally warm enough to play outside! I was so excited to break out the kids' summer wardrobe and even more excited to pack away their winter clothes. During the past week, we've had a play date at the park, played outside in the water and ate dinner at the playground twice. We are also enjoying taking the dogs for walks around the block as a family. It isn't dark until almost 9pm here, making it super hard to get the boys to go to bed, which is something we haven't experienced until now. We are looking forward to having lots of fun this summer while our house is being built.
Payson trying to catch a bug with his bug catcher. 
Payson, Beckett and Batman(AKA Caleb)
drawing on the sidewalk at the park.
Irelyn enjoying her favorite crackers.
10 months old and still NO TEETH!

We don't even own a football,
so I was so surprised how well
Beckett could throw the ball.

Payson and Beckett playing in the sprinklers.