Thursday, June 30, 2011

Playground Fun...

Just wanted to post some cute pictures
from the playground today...

*Payson waiting for Beckett
to come down the slide.*
*Beckett looking up at me like
"why did you do that Mommy?"*

*He hated the swings, but I made
him take this picture before
I took him out of it.*
*Beckett loves the swings.*

*Looking for turtles in the water below.*

Sunday, June 26, 2011

One Day At A Time...

This past week has been pretty low key. Other than going to the chiropractor or having a play date, we haven't been going out too much. The hot weather, combined with my huge belly make it a lot of work to take the boys out by myself. On Wednesday, my midwife's assistant came by to make sure all of my birth supplies are ready to go. On Thursday, I finally made my laborade, so I can officially say that we are ready for labor and Irelyn's arrival. On Friday, a lady from the moving company came by to look at our belongings so the packing guys bring the right supplies. Finally, on Saturday, we went down to the town of Occoquan, VA. for Riverfest and took the boys on a boat ride on the river. It's weird to think that very soon we will be a party of FIVE!

*Going for a walk in our neighborhood.*
*Beckett trying to keep
up with Payson.*
*My little walking man!*
*Petting someone's dog. They
LOVE dogs. I can't wait until
we can have one again.*
*All Payson wanted to do was
sit and talk to the dog. And yes,
the dog only has 3 legs.*
*This is how I found Payson
while I was busy in the
kitchen...stealing food and
making himself comfortable.*
*Daddy and the boys on the boat.*
*This is as good as our family
pictures get lately. Oh well...*
*Running around looking
at the geese.*
*Payson really enjoys watching animals.*
*From today....the boys in van
on the way to get lunch.*
*This is the house we might live in for our temporary house in New York, unless they show us something else we like. It's on one acre and has a huge backyard that is on Lake Champlain.*

Friday, June 24, 2011

What's Your Guess?...

It's that time again. We want to know your guess for Irelyn's birth date and weight. Just in case you don't remember, here is some useful information to help you make your guess. Irelyn's due date is July 19th and I am currently measuring 4 weeks ahead. Payson weighed 8lbs.5oz. and was 10 days early. Beckett weighed 9lbs.4oz. and was 5 days early.
(Duplicate guesses are allowed.)

Mommy: July 13th/10lbs3oz
Daddy: July 4th/10lbs4oz
Payson: July 2nd/9lbs4oz (yes, we asked him to guess!)
Grandma Sheri: July 2nd/8lbs13oz
Auntie Sheridan: July 14th/8lbs13oz
Grandma Dawn: July 8th/10lbs4oz
Grandpa Tom: July14th/8lbs
Auntie Ann: July 8th/8lbz9oz
Uncle Daniel: July 15th/9lbs5oz
Meghan: July 11th/7lbs4oz
Laurie: July 9th/9lbs14oz
Teri: July 8th/8lbs4oz
Lauren: July 12th/9lbs3oz
Cynthia: July 10th/9lbs8oz
Susan: July 6th/8lbs5oz
Carla: July 11th/8lbs8oz
Brittany: July 9th/7lbs3oz
Julie: July 7th/8lbs5oz
Jasmine: July 13th/9lbs1oz
Anna: July 10th/8lbs7oz

Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Fun & Father's Day...

We've been trying to keep busy and stay cool for the past couple of weeks. Now that our clubhouse pool is open, I've been taking the boys at least once a week. Thank goodness for the kiddie pool, because there is no way I could take both boys in a big pool by myself.
Two weekends ago, we took a spur of the moment trip to Baltimore to use our passes at the National Aquarium. The boys really enjoy seeing all of the fish and watching the dolphin show. Later that night, we went to a Baltimore Orioles baseball game and the boys didn't go to bed at the hotel until after 11pm. We are done taking weekend trips for sure because my body can barely handle grocery store trips.
Tomorrow I am 36 weeks along in my pregnancy, so last weekend Paul spent a lot of time turning our guest suite into my birthing room. He blew up my birth tub and set up a table with all of the birth supplies. He also rearranged the seats in the van and set up Irelyn's car seat base. I only have a couple of little things left to do, like freezing a batch of laborade, and then we will be ready for Irelyn's arrival. The memories of my pain during Beckett's labor have been coming back to me lately and making me nervous. I really hope that each labor is shorter than the one before, like I've heard. I know I can do it, because the moment she comes out will make all the pain and work worth it.
Moving update.... Unless Paul get another job offer, we will be leaving for New York on August 20th. We have a temporary, furnished house set up to live in and most of our belongings will be in storage until we decide on where to permanently live.
Here are pictures from the past few weeks...

*Payson at the kiddie pool.*

*Beckett cruising around the edge.*

*Payson and Hallie enjoying a snack.*

My friend, Brittany, hosted another one of her cute parties and this time the theme was bugs. Everyone made a bug inspired food for the kids to enjoy and then kids played in the water outside. So fun!

*I made spider cupcakes.*
*Payson eating his food.*

*Beckett after all of the water fun.*
*Beckett wearing his shirt
from Auntie Sheridan.*

My friend, Claire, is a doula and while she was at a birth I watched her son Karl (20 months). It was just a small taste of having 3 kids. I think Karl had fun, even though my boys are crazy compared to his quiet and calm personality. I really love Claire and I am looking forward to her attending Irelyn's birth.
*Having fun in the driveway with
Beckett and Karl.*

Last week, both boys had a unexplained fever for 1 day each. Not fun having two cranky babies.
*My pathetic boy...*
*The best part of sick kids....snuggling!*

Yesterday was Father's Day and I tried to plan a special day for Paul. We got him a card, shirt and carrot cake for being the best Daddy ever! I also had a trip planned on a charter boat along the Potomac River, but the captain's boat was having problems and we didn't want to wait around. We decided to take the tour next weekend, if the weather is nice.
*Paul and the boys(before the trip was cancelled).*
*Paul wearing his new shirt.*
So excited that I got a cute picture
of Payson and Beckett. I'm going to blow them up.

*Payson is such a rough kisser!*
*My birth tub ready to go.*
*Another car set cover that
I made for my sister in law, Ann.
She is due 6 weeks after me
with baby #2. Gender unknown.*
*Our new set up in the van
to make room for Irelyn's seat.*

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Busch Gardens & Virginia Beach...

Last week, Paul took some time off work so we could take our last family vacation before Irelyn arrives. It was so nice to have him around all of the time because I am feeling BIG these days. Before we left town, Payson had his 2 year check-up at the doctor and got two shots. He now weighs 31. 4 lbs. and is 33.25 inches tall.
During our vacation, we stayed at a hotel, and the boys loved swimming in the pool every night. Payson enjoyed running down the hallways, and Beckett came home a much better walker. On Wednesday, we went to Busch Gardens, and it ended up being 93 degrees that day. We were drenched in sweat by 10am. We were so excited that Beckett could finally go on all of the kiddie rides. He is definitely more adventurous than Payson. Despite the heat, we had lots of fun, and the boys passed out before we even left the parking lot.
On Thursday, we took a day trip to Virginia Beach. Our first stop was a little petting zoo. The boys really enjoyed all of the animals, but Paul didn't like smelling like goat afterwards. Next we had lunch at a Greek restaurant on the beach, and the food was very good. Finally, we took the boys down to the water to see the ocean for the first time. Beckett seemed to enjoy getting his feet wet, and of course, Payson hated every second of it. He hates the sand just like his Mommy, plus he was afraid of the water.
Our last day away was Friday, and we went back to Busch Gardens for another day of fun. The weather was awesome that day. We took the boys on all of the rides again and then ended the day at the water park in Sesame Street. I was afraid that Payson would freak out there too, but I was smart enough to give him a cup to play with and that's all it took. He spent the whole time filling up the cup and dumping it out. He doesn't like to run through the water but loves to dump it on his own head. He also enjoyed dumping it on Beckett and trying to get Mommy and Daddy wet. He even started dumping water on other kids. It was really funny. Beckett just enjoyed walking around and watching all the big kids.
I am so thankful for all of Paul's hard work that makes it possible to take vacations and create family memories that will last a life time. Once you are a parent, everything you do is for your kids. We really hope that, even though Payson and Beckett won't remember our trip, they had a good time.

Here are just some of the pictures from our trip.
If you would like to see all of the pictures, please click on the link below.

*Payson ready for the pool at
the hotel with his new Mickey Mouse
swim trunks from Auntie Alison.*
*Going back up to our room
after playing in the pool.*
*Payson and Daddy.*
*Meeting Bert.*
*Beckett's first ride. Yes, my husband
made me squeeze into that boat
at almost 8.5 months pregnant!*

*Watching the Elmo Show
with Bert and Ernie.*
*Daddy taking Beckett on his
first BIG ride. I still can't believe
they let babies on this thing.*
*Paul said he giggled and sqealed
the whole time.*
*Hugging Abby.*
*They loved the Airplane Ride.*
*Loving the Lady Bug ride.*
*Drinking their bedtime milk with Daddy.*
*Watching cartoons in the morning.*
*He wasn't afraid of them at all.*
*Beckett walking around with Daddy.*
*Having fun on the tire swing.*

*Love them!*
*The boys petting the baby goats.*

*My boys at the petting zoo.*
*Payson hated every second of the beach.....
especially the water and the sand.*
*Beckett and Daddy enjoying the beach.*
*Our only family picture of the trip....
and of course my hair looks horrible.*
*Beckett started to demand
that he feed himself.*
*Wearing his new Mickey Mouse
sunglasses that Cousin Cara picked out.*
*Payson loved the Dragon ride.*
*Daddy and Payson with the dragon.*
*Airplane ride.*
*Balloon ride.*
*Payson collecting water. He must have
done this 100 times.*
*Walking around...*
*Payson loves dumping water on people.*

*My favorite picture of our trip...*
*Watching the Elmo show
one last time.*
*Me and My Love*