Saturday, September 25, 2010

Old Mine Ranch...

Today we went to The Old Mine Ranch with our friends, The Crane's. Payson and Hallie really enjoyed riding a horse, jumping in the moon bounce, going on a train ride and also getting to pet and feed all the animals. Enjoy the pictures.

*Wendorff Family Picture.*
*Payson on the tractor.*
*Riding the horse.*
*Daddy & Payson.*
*Getting licked by the pony.*
*Not too happy to sit on the saddle.*
*A little goat followed us around
forever. Hallie loved feeding him.*

*We let Payson so down the
tube slide all by himself.....*
*...and this is what happened.*
*Next time Daddy
went with him....*
*....and he still hated it.*
*Mommy and Payson.*
*In the moon bounce with Mommy.*
*He had lots of fun.*
*Our Friends....The Crane's.*

1 comment:

Meghan said...

That looks like a fun place. Payson is so cute, I just want to squish him.