Tuesday, September 21, 2010

California 2010...

Last week, Paul had a conference in San Diego for work. So, the boys and I went with him so we could visit family. Our plane ride there was the longest 5 hours of our life. Payson was worse than we ever could imagine him being. The airline was nice enough to give us all six seats in a back row, but I think that only made things worse because Payson thought he could move wherever he wanted to. The day after we arrived in L.A., we met up with my mom and sister and visited San Diego Zoo's Safari Park where many zoo animals are bred. The next day we all went to the San Diego Zoo. The boys did great traveling, constantly being on the go and sleeping in hotels. I was nervous because Payson hasn't slept away from home since he started sleeping through the night, so I had no idea how he would do. He did awesome sleeping in our hotel rooms and in his cousins bedroom. Monday, the boys and I headed back up to L.A., leaving Paul behind to attend his conference. The boys and I spent the whole week at my brothers house playing with their cousin. Tuesday, we went to the L.A. County Fair and later met up with my old friend, Carla, and her two girls for dinner. Thursday, we attempted to get professional pictures taken of all the cousins, but my boys didn't cooperate at all. With all the pictures I take, you would think they would be used to photo shoots. That night, I met up with old friends Kim, Lisa, Richard and Taylor. I was so excited for them to meet my babies. Paul finally rejoined us Friday, after taking an Amtrak train back up to L.A. The plane ride home went a lot smoother but only because Payson had a fever and just wanted to lay and snuggle with us. Yesterday, I took him to the doctor, and he has a double ear infection, which is what I suspected was the case. We are thankful for a safe trip and do not plan on getting on a plane anytime soon.

*Payson on the plane to L.A.*
*Finally asleep, but only
for 30 mins.*
*Mr. Beckett asleep on the plane.*
*Beckett meeting Uncle Daniel.
I love how they are making
the same face.*
*Meeting Auntie Ann.*
*Family Picture at the Zoo.*
*Payson at the Safari Park.*

*Getting a ride from Daddy.*
*Beckett and Auntie Sheridan.*
*Beckett getting a turn in
the front of the stroller.*
*So handsome!*

*Payson sleeping in the back
of our stroller for the
first time.*
*Payson checking out the view
from our 13th story hotel room.*
*He loved standing in the window.
*Payson and Beckett sleeping together.*
*Payson walking around with
Daddy before we went into
the Zoo.*
*Beckett passed out in the stroller.*
*Daniel, Ann and Alexis.*
*Me and my niece.
She loved my jewelry.*
*Auntie Sheridan and Alexis.*
*Payson passed out in Alexis' crib.*
*Payson on the carousel ride
at the fair. We had to lie and
say he was 2yrs.
so he could ride.*
*We didn't even make it to the car
before Payson passed out in
the stroller after the fair.*
*Payson and Taylor. I used to
watch her as a toddler.
*She took him down the slide over and over.*
*Payson and Beckett waiting for
Daddy's train to arrive.
*Paul was so happy to see us.*

Here are a few random pictures
from before and after our trip.

*Mr. Beckett after Payson gave him
a mini chocolate chip cookie.*

*Payson feeding himself!*

*So handsome!*
*Beckett getting his first
taste of banana.*


Ann said...

So glad we finally got to meet Beckett and really enjoyed spending quality time with you and the boys. Alexis had fun, even with Payson pulling her hair, lol. Bet you're glad to be back home. There's no place like home, especially when you have babies, lol. Love you guys.

Meghan said...

I love Becketts cute little grin! Looks like you guys had a great time!

Sheridan said...

I love all the pictures and had lots of fun too,I love my handsome nephews =). What the heck is payson eating though?its so red its crazy haha