Sunday, April 8, 2012

Last Week...

It has been quite the week, here in the Wendorff household. The puppies seems to be adjusting well, despite the first few nights that they kept us up. They must have been missing their mommy's, because they were very whinny and wanted us to get up every couple of hours. The first night Paul went back to work was the worst, but they are now sleeping from about 10pm to 6am without having to go outside. We also ended up getting a dog run for the backyard, which has been a lifesaver for me during the day. Paul also sprained his ankle on Tuesday, leaving me with even more of the doggie duty. I am definitely looking forward to him feeling better because I don't think I've got to sit down all week!
Oh....and Irelyn has decided that she wants to crawl. She doesn't move very fast yet, but now I have on more thing to watch out for. God must have thought that my life was getting too easy! Lol. 

Phoenix and Luna.
The boys helped Paul put up a dog run for the puppies.
Payson's new weird pose
that he does for the camera.
Irelyn's first time feeding herself spaghetti.

As you can tell, she loved it!
House Update
After deciding the perfect placement for our house, they finally started digging the basement on April 2nd. So, now we can begin the 120 day countdown until it should be finished. We checked on the progress of things a couple of times last week and the boys had fun running around in the dirt. It turns out they don't have to dig very deep because our land is already sitting below the road level. They are actually going to have to build up the land around our house and we are going to end up having much taller windows in the basement, which will be really nice. The concrete work should start on Tuesday and that will take all week. Then, they can start the framing the house!

Payson loves running around our property. 
Here are the boys on a big mound of dirt.
Beckett is pretty attached to his hockey stick lately.
Irelyn all bundled up
because it was COLD that day.
Digging the basement....
You can see how they are using the dirt they dig up
to build the land back up in front of the house.

It doesn't look like much, but
this is the beginning of the basement.
The basement a couple of days later.

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