Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012...

This year, Easter was lots of fun. The boys don't really understand the meaning of the holiday, but they definitely liked the Easter bunny. The night before Easter we colored eggs after Paul woke up. On Easter morning, the kids had to find their Easter baskets that were hiding somewhere in the house, a tradition of Paul's that he wanted to pass on to our kids. Paul was also in charge of filling there baskets this year and he did a great job. In addition to the many gifts from their grandparents, they each received a special book, some candy and Paul even put the fake grass in the bottom of their baskets. Next, we had an egg hunt in the front yard. The boys had so much fun and thought it was really cool that the Easter bunny left eggs at our house. In the evening, we skyped with our families in California and Ohio, then went our to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Overall, it was a good day for everyone.

Payson, Beckett & Irelyn sitting with the
Easter Bunny at Walmart. 
Payson thought coloring
eggs was so much fun.
Beckett coloring eggs,
with a little help from Daddy.

Deep concentration needed
for applying stickers to the eggs.

Our pretty girl hanging out while we colored eggs.

Irelyn, wearing her sunglasses
from Grandpa & Grandma Wendorff.
Easter morning photo shoot. 

Showing the neighbor their eggs.

"Look at my candy!"
Taking the candy out of his eggs....
and now sorting the candy.
Paul and Irelyn. Happy Easter!

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